5. Moved to Bakala

Guru Tegh Bahadur moved to Bakala after His Father Guru's Ascent at Kiratpur Sahib, to stay there with His mother and His wife. Bakala was the home village of His mother Mata Nanaki. He was fully alive to the political situation in the country and the miserable plight of His country-men. Though He devoted more time to the contemplation of the Holy Nam of the Wonderful Lord, he attended fully to the visitors who came to him and also went out for sport as usual. He took bath in the early hours of the morning, recited the Nam and the Gurbani, and took meals at regular intervals. He did not become a recluse. Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji meditated like this at "Bhora Sahib" in Bakala for nearly 26 years before the Divine Spirit of Guru Nanak was transfused into Him by Guru Hari Krishan Ji from Delhi.