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Miri Piri Jal Sewa, Gurubani Prachar Prasar Sanstha , Gwalior , Madhyapradesh India:

This Sewa Sanstha or organization was started on 1st september 2009. In the same september, we started by delivering our services at Gurudwara  Shri Data Bandi Chhorh Sahib, where packaged water was distributed which was very necessesary .This sewa has been continuously (Every Year Data Bandi Chhorh Divas) been provided at the Gurudwara, and is only possible through the contributions and blessings of the Sadhsangat (Fraternity of the holy men) each year.

On 5th of January, 2010, the Sewa started the second service, 'Free Gurbani SMS' service. As part of the service, banners were put up in most major cities, across India, which read ?Life-Time Guru de naal? (Life-Time with Guru). Under this service, an sms which contains a gurbani along with brief history of Gurus is sent to registered mobile numbers via SMS. This service was appreciated and liked by the sadhsangat (fraternity of the holy men) a lot, due to which a many members of the sadhsangat, connected with the service and continue to receive the sms service.

On 5th of January, 2014, the Third Service of the Miri Piri Jal Sewa is this website presented to you. Other services will follow when Parmatma (Waheguru, God)  and Guru bless us and direct us.

This Sewa Sanstha or organization was named after a lot of deliberation- 'Miri Piri Jal Sewa'. Miri Piri are the swords of the 6th guru, Guru Hargovind Sahib. Miri is the physical sword that is adopted as a means to self defense and to fight against injustice. Piri is the spiritual sword that is also equated to the knowledge in Gurbani and pursuit of spirituality, and just like water 'Jal' helps in quenching the thirst of the physical body, similarly, the Sewa aims to quench the thirst of the conscience by helpings of Gurbani. The sole purpose of this society / sansthan is to spread and promote the Gurbani.

Organization Name :  Miri Piri Jal Sewa, Gurbani Parchaar Organization

Place :  Morar, Gwalior, Madhyapardesh, India

District :  Gwalior

Main Sewadar:  Sadhsangat

Technical Support :  God (Waheguru)

E-mail ID :  miripirijalsewa@yahoo.com

Phone Number :  Sorry ! No Phone Number

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