4. Marriage

Guru Tegh Bahadur ji was married to Mata Gujri, daughter of Bhai Lal Chand and Mata Bishan Kaur of Kartarpur near Jullundur. Lal Chand had one son Kirpal Chand and one daughter, Mata Gujri. He wished that his son should become a soldier-general in the army of the Great Guru and that his daughter should be married to one of the Guru's great noble SONS. Both these desires were fulfilled. Mama Kirpal Chand (maternal uncle of Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji) was recruited into the Army of Sri Guru Hargobind ji, and served as a general. He then served under Guru Har Rai ji as a devoted Sikh, before becoming the Chief Military Adviser to his nephew, the Great Guru Gobind Singh Ji. It was under his guidance that the famous battles of Bhangani were fought against the Shivalik Hindu Rajas. The marriage of Guru Tegh Bahadur ji and Mata Gujri was a worldly re-union of two Great Martyrs. Later it was Mata Gujri who, while in captivity at Sirhind, had constantly reminded the younger sons of her Great Son that their Grandfather and Great-Grandfather (Guru Arjan Dev Ji) had both sacrificed their lives to strengthen the faith of Guru Nanak. Her task was great for if the captured princes Zorawar Singh and Fateh Singh had accepted Islam on that winter day, the whole of the Sikh movement would have been washed away. So, in fact, the Khalsa exists because of the teachings of Mata Gujri and the determination of her grandsons. She left this world after hearing that her mission had been fulfilled i.e. her grandsons had elected to be bricked alive rather than give up their faith and become muslim nobles in the Emperor's court. This lady was truly noble for she gave birth to a unique personality - the Founder of the Khalsa Panth; our Great Father Guru Gobind Singh Ji. Her noble Son has mentioned in His autobiography - "The Bachittar Natak" - that both His Father and Mother contemplated day and night on the name of the Invisible Supreme Force and that their great devotion was rewarded with His birth. Thus, Mata Gujri had the honour of being the greatest woman ever, the wife of a martyr, the mother of the Great Guru, the grandmother of the child martyrs of Sirhind and Chamkaur.