3. Teaching

Guru HARGOBIND ji knew that His youngest son TEGH BAHADUR was to take His Ninth Form and was to perform the greatest deed and that the time for, the same had not yet come. As such He wished that the child Guru should be brought up as a true Sikh and should meditate on the Nam for some time. He selected Baba Budha jee the blessed priest to act as the tutor to Tegh Bahadur. So at the age of 4:1/2 years Tegh Bahadur was placed under the charge of Baba Budha jee, the Brahm Gyani (Sikh of the highest order), who had been blessed by Guru Nanak and had served Him in His six forms. He taught the child Guru the Gurubani, the Gurmat, Philosophy, Theology, languages like Prakrit, Persian and Punjabi. Bhai Bidhi Chand taught Him the warfare and made Him perfect in the use of various types of weapons then in use. About three years later He received baptism at the hand of His Father - Guru Hargobind ji, the saint-warrior, and received the holy Nam in the formal manner as a Sikh. Guru Tegh Bahadur took part in the battles fought by His Father Guru against Jehangir and Shahjehan and showed his skill in defeating the enemy. He was 14 at the time. But Guru Hargobind ji ordained that His son should not use the sword of "Miri" any more since He had to show the miracle of the sword of "Piri" in due time and He should meditate for a few years and get ready for that.