29. Bhai Gurditta

Guru Tegh Bahadur ji gave Bhai Gurditta five paisas and a coconut and bowed towards Anandpur Sahib. Thus crowning Gobind Rai to be the Tenth Guru of the Sikhs. The holy spirit of Guru Nanak was transfused into Guru Gobind Singh as a candle is lit from another candle. Guru Tegh Bahadur then asked Bhai Gurditta and Bhai Uda to leave the prison. The presence of Bhai Gurditta at Anandpur Sahib was necessary at the Investiture ceremony of Guru Gobind Rai, since it was customary for Baba Budha jee, or after him, his offspring's to anoint the new Guru. On the other hand. Bhai Uda was asked to stay in Delhi since he was to perform valuable services after the great martyrdom. Next morning when the prison authorities informed the Emperor that two of the disciples of Guru Tegh Bahadur were missing, he was enraged and asked the Guru to be produced before him. The Emperor asked the Guru as to why two of His men had escaped. The Guru told the Emperor in reply that his only concern was with the Guru and that His Sikhs had accompanied Him to Delhi only to serve Him. Therefore, they could leave as and when they wished. The Emperor then ordered that the Guru be locked in an iron cage. On seeing the unbearable tortures which His Master was enduring. Matidas came before Him with folded hands and said: "O True King. I cannot live to see you suffer such brutal tortures." The Guru told Matidas that His suffering was necessary to put a halt to the atrocities committed by the king. Matidas kowtowed before the Guru in reverence and said that he too shall sacrifice his life, thus playing his part in the sacred cause.