2. Guru ji to Delhi

Guru Ji and Mughal interference

Emperor Aurangzeb was not pleased to hear about the growing popularity of Guru Har Krishan. He asked the young Guru to visit his Darbar (Court) at Delhi as he done with his father, Guru Har Rai. His father, rather than going to Delhi himself at the beck and call of Aurangzeb, had sent his elder son, Ram Rai, to the emperor' s court. Before his death Guru Har Rai, aware that Aurangzeb preferred Ram Rai as the next Guru of the Sikhs, cautioned his son to never meet with Aurangzeb. When a servant of Raja Jai Singh of Amber arrived with the emperor' s request, Guru Har Krishan took counsel with his leading Sikhs. With clasped hands, they replied "We are thy servants, Lord. With thy knowledge of 'the three worlds', thou knowest best." Guru Har Krishan, having made his decision, called for the messenger and told him that he would accompany him to Delhi. Traveling to Delhi, Guru Har Krishan traveled through Ropar, Banur and Ambala, often stopping to meet with crowds of his disciples who availed themselves of the chance to meet with their new Guru.





























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