1. Born

  • Name: Shri Guru Hariraaye Sahib ji

  • Born: 1630

  • Born Place: Shri Kartaarpur Sahib ji

  • Father's Name: Baba Guruditaa ji (Son of Shri Guru Hargobind Sahib ji)

  • Brother's Name: Dheermal

  • Wife Name: Kishan Kaur ji

  • Childrens: 2 Sons

  • First Son's Name: Raamraaye

  • Second Son's Name: Shri Guru Harikrishan Sahib ji (8th Guru)

  • Ruler: Shaahaajahaan & Auranzeb

  • Other names: The Seventh Master

  • Years active: 16441661

  • Predecessor: Guru Hargobind

  • Successor: Guru Har Krishan

  • Departure: 1661

  • Departure Place: Shri Kartaarpur Sahib ji

Guru Har Rai ji was the son of Baba Gurdita Ji and Mata Nihal Kaur Ji (also known as Mata Ananti Ji). Baba Gurdita was son of the sixth Guru, Guru Hargobind. Guru Har Rai ji married Mata Kishan Kaur Ji (sometimes also reffered to as Sulakhni Ji) daughter of Sri Daya Ram Ji of Anoopshahr (Bulandshahr) in Utter Pradesh on Har Sudi 3, Samvat 1697. They had two sons: Baba Ram Rai Ji and Sri Har Krishan Ji. Although, Guru Har Rai Ji was a man of peace, he never disbanded the armed Sikh Warriors (Saint Soldiers), who earlier were maintained by his grandfather, Guru Hargobind. He always boosted the military spirit of the Sikhs, but he never himself indulged in any direct political and armed controversy with the contemporary Mughal Empire. Once on the request of Dara Shikoh (the eldest son of emperor Shahjahan), Guru Sahib helped him to escape safely from the bloody hands of Aurangzebs armed forces during the war of succession.






























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