9. Guru's Family

The Guru had five sons and one daughter. They were :

  • 1. Baba Gurditta was born to Mata Damodri in 1613.

  • 2. Bibi Viro was born to Mata Damodri in 1615.

  • 3. Baba Surj Mal was born to Mata Marwahi in 1617.

  • 4. Baba Ani Rai was born to Mata Nanaki in 1618.

  • 5. Baba Atal Rai was born to Mata Nanaki in 1619.

  • 6. Baba Tegh Bahadur was born to Mata Nanaki in 1621.

There lived a Sikh, Gurmukh in Amritsar who had the only son, Mohan. Baba Atal and Mohan used to play together. One day they played until nightfall. The victory remained with Baba Atal and it was agreed upon that the play would be resumed the next morning. When Mohan went out, he was bitten by a cobra and the boy succumbed to death. Next morning Baba Atal Rai went to Mohan's house and was told that Mohan was dead. Baba Atal did not believe that he was dead and he lifted the dead Mohan to life. Upon this the Guru angrily addressed to his son," You must be working miracles, while I teach men to obey God's Will." Baba Atal replied," Great King, may you live for ages, I depart for Sachkhand (heaven)." By saying this, he left and went to bathe in the tank of nectar. After his ablutions, he circumambulated the Golden Temple four times. As he finished his morning devotions, his light blended with the Light of God when he was nine years old. Guru Har Gobind narrated all the circumstances to his eldest son Gurditta and sent him to Budhan Shah, whose devotion he commended. Baba Gurditta took his wife Natti and his son Dhir Mal and met Budhan Shah on the bank of river Satluj. Baba Gurditta reminded,"O priest, thou hast the milk that was entrusted to thee. Bring that to me. The Guru is my father, and he has sent me to taste it." Budhan Shah gave the milk and it is said that it was as fresh as it had been set. Baba Gurditta and his wife Natti continued to reside in Kiratpur. A son was born to them on January 16, 1630 and they called him Har Rai.






























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