3. People Hostile towards Young Guru

There were many people who were hostile to Guru Hargobind when he assumed leadership of Sikhs. His uncle, Prithi Mal, who was brother of Guru Arjan continued his intrigues against Guru Har Gobind. Prithi Mal had un-successfuly tried to kill Guru Har Gobind, when the guru was a child, by unleasing a deadly snake upon him. Prithi Mal continued to complain against him to Emperor Jehangir. Chandu Shah who had been foremost in complaining to Jehangir against Guru Arjan Dev ji transferred his hostilities toward Guru Har Gobind. Shaikh Ahmad Sirhandi too was hostile towards the Sikh Gurus and would have incited the Emperor. Jahangir was fearful that Guru Har Gobind might seek revenge for his father's arrest, torture and death.