20. The First Battle of Sikh History

Battle of Amritsar

The Battle of Amritsar took place between Guru Hargobind and the forces of the Mughal army and was fought on the 5 June 1628 (22 of Jeth, in Bikrami 1685). Jahangir had died in 1627 and his son Shah Jahan had become his successor. Adding to Shah Jahan's worries over the increasing influence and power of the Sikhs, those who harboured ill-will against the Sikhs renewed their conspiracies and incited him to turn against Guru Ji.


Shri PLAHA SAHIB is situated in the Village Khairabad, Amritsar. Now a days surrounded with modern houses and extended limits of Amritsar City. SHRI GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB JI used come here for hunting and use to spent time taking rest. The reason for first battle of Sikh history came into existence here only. In 1629, when GURU SAHIB came here for hunting with Sikhs, Shahjahan was also here for same purpose near Gumtala. Singh's saw that One Hawk (Baaz) was killing his prey very cruely. And this Hawk (Baaz was of King Shahjahan. Singhs sent there own Hawk and captured the royal Hawk. When royal army of Shahjahan came to know about this incident they tried to threat sikhs and asked for royal hawk. But singhs denied to give it. Royal army warned them of Battle but Sikhs replied "Tusi Baaz Di gal Karde ho asi tuhade Taaz nu Hath Pawange". Royal army went back and explained the whole story to ShahJahan. In result of this Shahjahan sent Royal army under the command of Mukhalas Khan. The Governor in turn gave an exaggerated report to Shahjahan & asked for permission to attack. Shahjahan gave permission to attack. Kuleej Khan sent his Army Commander Mukhlis Khan along with 7000 soldiers to attack Amritsar. On 15th May 1629, the Army reached Amritsar. GURU SAHIB was not expecting the attack so soon but when the battle was just in front of them, He accepted the challenge happily & started to prepare for an attack on the enemy. While staying at PIPLI SAHIB, the Sikhs had an encounter with their enemies. The Sikhs took this battle as a battle for religion & accepted it happily. BHAI BIDHI CHAND took charge & challenged the Royal Army. In those days only, GURU HARGOBIND SAHIB's daughter, BIBI VEERO's marriage was also planned. The marriage party had to come to Amritsar, the battle started before the marriage. A fierce battle took place. When Samshat Khan started to loose, Amber Khan came for his help. From this end BHAI BHANA JI's soldiers started firing. Samshat Khan attacked BHAI BHANA JI in a fit of anger & in return BHAI JI responded with a solid attack which beheaded Samshat Khan. On seeing Samshat Khan dying, the Royal Army circled BHAI BHANA JI & killed him with heavy firing. He was martyred in the battle of PIPLI SAHIB. Now Muhammed Ali came ahead. The Sikh forces were now being headed by BHAI SINGHA JI. BHAI NIHALA, BHAI TOTA, BHAI TIRLOKA, BHAI NANTA were fighting very bravely & were stopping the army to go towards HARMANDIR SAHIB. Muhammed Ali aimed at BHAI SINGHA JI & fired at him following which BHAI JI got injured & fell. He cautiously got up & hit Muhammed Ali with an arrow & he fell. When BHAI SINGHA JI got martyred, PAINDE KHAN took charge. When GURU SAHIB, while taking care of the hilly, came to Lohgarh Fort, Mukhlis Khan attacked the Fort. On being asked by GURU SAHIB, one sikh carpenter from Khemkaran made a stone cannon out of a tree which had dried. Using this, there was a rain of stones from inside the Fort which made Mukhlis Khan's Army to loose ground. One battallion of the army attacked the town from Bibeksar side. Mukhlis Khan's army had a large quantity of arms but the Sikhs had strong detemination & GURU's trust with them. Sikhs like BHAI TOTA, BHAI TIRLOKA, BHAI NANTA & BHAI NIHALA got martyred while fighting in high spirits. On the other hand Karim Beg, Jang Beg, Salman Khan got successful in bringing down one of the walls of the Fort. On seeing the wall coming down, GURU JI sent a message to the village of in-laws of BIBI VEERO that the marriage party should go directly to Jhambal instead of coming to Amritsar. As night fell, the battle stopped & the Singhs constructed the wall overnight. As the day started, the battle started again. The charge of the Sikh army was in the hands of Painde Khan & the Sikh army moved towards Tarn Taaran while fighting. GURU JI was moving ahead in order to motivate the army. One reaching the sanctuary of Chabbe, a fierce battle started. Mukhlis Khan challenged GURU JI for a one-on-one fight. GURU JI accepted his challenge & both the armies stepped back. Mukhlis Khan & GURU JI came in the arena facing each other. With the first strike of GURU JI, Mukhlis Khan's horse fell down following which GURU JI left his horse also and a battle of sword & shield started. GURU JI saved Mukhlis Khan's first attack & smilingly asked Mukhlis Khan to attack again. Mukhlis Khan attacked in a fit of anger & gush which GURU JI stopped with his shield and in return attacked Mukhlis Khan with his sword with such a force that it pierced through the shield and beheaded him. As Mukhlis Khan fell, his army ran away. The Sikhs started running behind them but GURU JI stopped them saying that we should not follow who run away. The drums of victory were played. The Mughal Army ran away. GURU JI got the bodies of all the martyrs together & cremated them. When the martyred Singhs were counted, they were 13 Singhs namely BHAI NAND JI, BHAI JAITA JI, BHAI PIRANA JI, BHAI TOTA JI, BHAI TIRLOKA JI, BHAI SAI DASS JI, BHAI PAIDA JI, BHAI BHAGTOO JI, BHAI NANTA JI, BHAI NIHALA JI, BHAI TAKHTOO JI, BHAI MOHAN JI, BHAI GOPAL JI. The dead Muslims were buried by digging a deep pit. GURU JI got GURUDWARA SANGRANA SAHIB built in rememberence of the martyred Singhs.






























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