9. Meeting with Shrichand

When the aged son of Guru Nanak Dev ji, Baba Sri Chand, who had chosen to become an ascetic (Baba Sri Chand was the founder the 'Udasis' sect), came to visit Guru Ram Das ji he asked him why he kept such a long beard? Guru Ram Das ji replied; "To wipe the dust off the feet of holy men like yourself" and then he proceeded to perform this supreme act of humility. Seeing this Sri Chand held his hand and embraced Guru Ram Das ji saying; "It's enough. This is the kind of character by which you have deprived me of my ancestral heritage. Now, what more is left with me that I could offer you for your piety and goodness of heart?" (Outraged that his father Guru Nanak had chosen to pass the Guruship to Guru Angad Sri Chand had attempted to install himself as the second Guru of the Sikhs and had hoped to alter the direction of Sikhi that Guru Nanak had chartered).