77. Sakhi Effect of Taramati Rani's Saadh Sangat

Raja Hari Chand had a wife named Taramati Rani. She was quite beautiful and Raja Hari chand was happy. However, he did not like to do sangat or being in the company of God oriented saintly people. Taramati Rani, on the other hand heard of a holy congregation which would meet daily at amritvela or in the early hours of the morning prior to dawn. Taramati Rani would awaken each morning in the early ambrosial hours. She would bathe and then dress nicely to join the congregation of holy sages. She would walk the distance and after spending a few hours in the sangat, she would return home before Raja Hari chand would awaken to start his day. One night after Taramati Rani had left to join the holy congregation Raja Hari chand woke up suddenly. He looked around and found his wife missing. He searched all throughout the palace but could not find her anywhere and the guards would not reveal the truth to him either. They knew that the queen went out in the early morning and were been given strict orders by her not to tell the King this secret. Later in the morning Raja Hari chand asked his wife where she had been in the night but she did not tell him and brushed the topic aside. He devised a plan to find out where she went in the late night hours. The following morning, Taramati Rani awakened at her usual time, took a bath and got dressed to go join her holy congregation. After she left the palace, Raja Hari chand followed her. He expected to find that she was seeing another man at night after leaving his bed. But he was surprised to find her joining the company of holy sages and saints. For the few hours that Taramati Rani was in sangat enjoying Naam, Raja Hari chand stood outside listening and enjoying as well. He dared not enter but he also did not want to leave yet. So he stood there and let his ears enjoy Naam and have his mind washed clean.

The queen reached the holy congregation and the King lifted one of her sandals from there (so that he could prove the infidelity of the queen). When about to go, the queen concentrated upon the holy congregation and the one sandal became a pair Vaaran Bhai Gurdaas Ji, Vaar 10

As the hour was coming to an end, Raja Hari chand returned to his senses and remembered why he had followed his wife here. He took one of her sandals with him so later at home he would show it to her as proof that he had caught her going out at night. He quickly left and returned to the palace awaiting the queens arrival. When Taramati Rani came outside she found one sandal missing. She and the sangat searched but could not find the missing sandal. She was deeply worried because she was worried that the Raha might discover about her doing sangat and would stop her in future to continue. Alas, the sangat suggested praying (doin ardas) and God willing a solution would be found. Together they supplicated in prayer and asked that the missing sandal be found. In answer to this prayer a sandal just like the one missing appeared next to the lone sandal. The king upheld this feat and realized that there her matching sandal was a miracle. I am sacrifice unto the holy congregation. When Taramati Rani arrived at the palace, Raja Hari chand followed her in and asked her to show him her sandals which he had given her before as a gift. Taramati pulled out her sandals to show him and he was deeply shocked at seeing she had a full pair when he he was sure he had taken one of the sandals. He then proceeded to tell her that he had actually followed her this morning and stole her sandal as proof that he knew of her wanderings. Raja Hari chand asked his wife how such a miracle was performed that a new sandal was appeared for her so instantly ? After explaining the whole incident to her husband, Raja Hari chand was very much humbled that he had ever doubted his wife. He too began rising early in the ambrosial hours and with his wife joined the holy congregation. Those who come in the sangat with their body and mind even at a risk are always protected by Waheguru.

He Himself preserves the honor of His servants; He causes others to fall at the feet of His devotees.   Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji, ang. 555






























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