70. Sakhi Bhai Bachittar Singh and the elephant

Raja Bhim Chand of Kahlur was the leader of the hill Rajas, but he did not possess the forsight to realise the difference between friend and foe. He again made war preparations and advanced to fight against Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Loh Garh fort. His plan was to break open the front gate with the help of an intoxicated elephant and let his forces in to the fort in large numbers. Guru Sahib Ji came to know of this plan and asked Duni Chand, a hefty well built man, to get ready to face the elephant. But this massand got cold feet and wanted to escape from the fort. In his place Bhai Bachittar Singh volunteered and was thus deputed to make a frontal attack on the elephant. Instead of waiting for the elephant to attack the gates were opened and Bhai Bachittar Singh rode out on horseback with a nagni Barchhi (spear). He was followed by Bhai Udai Singh and several Sikhs on horseback. Bhai Bachittar Singh riding his horse and standing in the stirrups confronted the elephant and in spite of a metal plate tied to its forehead was able to pierce it successfully with his nagni. With lighting alacrity, he attacked again and cut the elephant's trunk with a blow of his sword. The wounded elephant shrieked and ran back into the enemy forces causing havoc. In the meantime Bhai Udai Singh had killed one of the hill rajas, Raja Kesri Chand. The battle ensued with heavy losses on both sides but with the death of Kesri Chand and the much prided elephant, Raja Bhim Chand withdrew his forces from the battlefield and fled.

Those who are branded with Your brand fight bravely in battle; those without Your brand run away. One who becomes a spiritual person, appreciates the value of devotional worship to the Lord. The Lord places him in His treasury.





























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