7. Sakhi Bhagat Sadhnaa ji

Sadhnaa, one of the fifteen saints and sfis whose hymns are incorporated in the Guru Granth Shib, was a qasi or butcher by profession who, by his piety and devotion, had gained spiritual distinction. A hymn by Sadhna has been included in the Guru Granth Sahib. It is said that Sadhna used Salgram (a form of stone idol) as a weight to weigh the meat he sold. One day an enlightened mendicant ('sadhu') passed by, and he scolded Sadhna for what he did. Sadhna repented and renounced his home and left for the forests. It is also said that on his way to the forests, a woman met him She felt so charmed by Sadhna that she wanted to possess him. However, Sadhna remained indifferent to all her actions. She thought that perhaps the presence of her husband is the hindrance and Sadhna does not take the initiative because of his fear. So the woman took no time in murdering her husband, thereby clearing the way for Sadhna. However, while committing this crime, she failed to read correctly the mental state of Sadhna who was then on the point of acquiring mystical unity with the Lord. Therefore, whatever she did, she failed to charm Sadhna. At last when she found defeat staring in her face, she alleged that Sadhna had killed her husband. Consequently, the poor Sadhna had his hands chopped off as a punishment for the crime he never committed. God has always protected his devotees and there are extant evidences to prove this contention: for example, He saved Bhagat Prehlad, helped Namdev and saved the honour of Daropadi, similarly, Sadhna also prayed to God

Nothing am I, no pride is mine; nothing is mine, On this occasion save the honour of Sadhna, the Servant.

Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Page 858

'The Lord listened to his prayer and accepted it. God through His graceful benevolence made his hands healthy once again. This gesture of grace by God flowed in Sadhna's mana (mind), the river of devotion to God. The only hymn of Sadhna ji wherein he prays God to save his honour and which finds inclusion in the Guru Granth Sahib (Page 858) would read as under;

For love of a king's daughter a man disguised himself as Vishnu Of this man, lust-seeker, self-seeker, You saved the honour. (1) Enlightener of the world! what merit is yours if our retribution of deeds leave us not ? Why seek shelter with the tiger if a jackal is to grip us? (1-Pause) The Chatrik (cuckoo) for lack of a drop suffers. If after its life is gone, even the ocean be found, what good? (2) Tired, without poise is my life- How may I delay supplicating Thee ? If after drowning comes the boat, who will then ride it ? Nothing am I, no pride is mine; nothing is mine. On this occasion save the honour of Sadhna, The servant.

Bhagat Sadhana, Shri Guru Granth Sahib ji, Page 858

The whole Shabad conveys this message that the prayer made by a devotee in the court of his Lord should be saturated with devotion and submission otherwise it is just a formality which one observes and we all know fully well that unless the prayer is done from the core of heart with utmost devotion and dedication, it is not accepted in the court of Lord God.






























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