6. Sakhi Bhagat Kabir Ji

Bhagat Kabeer Ji was a revolutionary saint who emphasized the equality and fraternity of all mankind. He would recite His (Gods) name eternally and worshiped God and none else. Kabeer Ji considered himself neither a Muslim nor a Hindu. He says,

"I do not keep fasts, nor do I observe the month of Ramadaan. I serve only the One, who will protect me in the end."

Due to all this he met with opposition from Pandits and Maulvis alike who in turn complained to the King - Sultan Sikandar Lodi. The king told him to accept Islam and sing only in the praise of Allah but Kabeer Ji refused and thus was punished in various ways .. They threw Kabeer ji infront of an elephant to be crushed as explained by Kabeer ji below ...

"They tied my arms, bundled me up, and threw me before an elephant.The elephant driver struck him on the head, and infuriated him. But the elephant ran away, trumpeting, "I am a sacrifice to this image of the Lord."||1|| O my Lord and Master, You are my strength. The Qazi shouted at the driver to drive the elephant on. ||1||Pause|| He yelled out, ""O driver, I shall cut you into pieces. Hit him, and drive him on !"" But the elephant did not move; instead, he began to meditate. The Lord God abides within his mind. ||2||" What sin has this Saint committed, that you have made him into a bundle and thrown him before the elephant ? Lifting up the bundle, the elephant bows down before it. The Qazi could not understand it; he was blind. (in ego) ||3||

Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang. 870

Then, He was tied up with the chains by the order of the king. The king's men brought Kabeer near the bank of the river Ganges. There was not a single person with Kabeer but God. Kabeer Ji says,

"The mother Ganges is deep and profound. Tied up in chains, they took Kabeer there. ||1|| My mind was not shaken; why should my body be afraid ? My consciousness remained immersed in the Lotus Feet of the Lord. ||1||Pause||"

The king's men threw Kabeer's body tied up with chain's in the river Ganges to drown. Kabeer Ji describes this situation as follow,

"The waves of the Ganges broke the chains and Kabeer was seated on a deer skin.Says Kabeer, I have no friend or companion, on the water, and on the land, the Lord is my Savior"

Shri Guru Granth Sahib, Ang 1162

But God raised Kabeer Ji from the water to protect His devotee. Watching all this, the king was amazed and full of embarrassment. The King begged Kabeer Ji for an apology. Such are the ways of God who always saves His saints.






























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