7. Meeting With The Yogis

Kingrinath with his band of Nath Yogis came to Guru Amardas at Goindwal. He held a discussion with the Guru on Yoga. The Guru told him what true Yoga is, through a hymn, as follows: "O Yogi! Put on the rings of modesty in your ears and make compassion your patched coat. Apply fear of birth and death to your body as ashes, then shall you conquer the three worlds. Strike such strains on your harp, O Yogi, that it may emit the celestial melody and you may be absorbed in God's love. Make truth your platter, and contentment your wallet Put the embrosial Name therein as your food".   (Page or Ang. 908). The Yogis were much impressed by the Guru's words. The Guru felt that the cult of Yoga and renunciation was unsuited to the needs of the times. Moreover, it gave no peace of mind nor banished man's ego. He said, "What if a man lives naked, discarding clothes? What if a Yogi wears matted hair? Of what avail is the holding of the breath in the Tenth Gate, if the mind is not purified ?".  (Page or Ang. 1169). The Guru emphasised control over the mind through meditation in place of spiritual austerities.