6. Shri Baoli Sahib ji

The violent opposition of the caste-conscious Hindus of Goindwal to the egalitarian principles and practices of the Third Guru led to their breaking the pots of and stoning the Sikhs who went to the village well for fetching water. Guru Amardas ordered the excavation of a deep well - Baoli Sahib - in 1556 to provide a source of water for his followers and the depressed classes. The annoyance of the local Hindus and Khatris increased, because a large number of the Sikhs from different parts of the country came to Goindwal to participate in the construction of the well. Bhai Jetha - the Guru's son-in-law took an active part, not minding the carrying of baskets of earth, lime and stone on his head. When his relatives protested to Guru Amardas for permitting cooly-work to be done by his son-in-law, Bhai Jetha apologised to the Guru on their behalf. When the Baoli Sahib was completed in 1559, Guru Amardas held a big celebration and invited all the people of the neighbourhood to a feast One of the jealous Hindus, called Tappa, first rejected the Guru's invitation, but tempted by a money-offering sent his son rather late who broke his leg while jumping over the boundary-wall to join the feast Guru Ramdas referred to this incident in a hymn as under: "All the village elders began to laugh, saying that the wave of greed has over-taken.