22. Tributes

Balwand and Satta, the musicians of the Guru's court, composed the following verses on Guru Amardas with whom they had intimate personal contact: "He made divine knowledge his steed and chastity his saddle, On the brow of truth, he strung the arrow of God's praise. In the age of utter darkness, he rose like the Sun. He sowed the seed of Truth and reaped its fruit". 

 (Page or Ang: 967)

Kalashar Bhatt paid his tribute to Guru Amardas as under: "The Guru is the hero of Truth, powerful in humility, good-tempered, and with his holy congregation remains absorbed in the uninimical Lord. The Guru's white standard of fortitude is seen on the bridge to the Lord's realm, from the very beginning". 

 (Page or Ang: 1393) 

Jalap Bhatt extolled the Guru in the following words: "Seeing the Guru's vision, the disciple is blessed with the Lord's meditation, service, truth and contentrnent Whosoever seeks the Guru's refuge is liberated from the account of the city of death". 

 (Page or Ang: 1394)

Sall Bhatt paid his tribute to the Third Guru as under: "Holding the bow of faith in his hand, the Guru aimed the arrows of meditation and humility, Being fear-free, with God in mind, the Guru plunged the spear of the Name and thereby, He destroyed the five demons of lust, wrath, avarice, attachment and pride". 

 (Page or Ang: 1396)

Bhikha Bhatt eulogised the Guru in the following words: "He overpowers lust and wrath and his mind wanders not again; He abides in the realm of God and realises His will through His meditation". 

 (Page or Ang: 1395)






























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