21. His Character and Personality

Guru Amardas was essentially a man of peace and humility. When the Sikhs complained to him of the harassment caused to them by the Muslim residents of Goindwal, he advised them to remain patient They broke the jars of Sikh women when they went to the village-well to fetch water. Again the Guru advised restraint and said: "It is not proper to take revenge". He avoided conflict with Datu, the son of Guru Angad and retreated to Basarkay. He forgave Datu who had kicked and abused him. He said to his followers: "If one ill-treats you, bear it for three times and God Himself will fight for you for the fourth time and extirpate your enemy". He taught his Sikhs forbearance, self-control and compassion and reiterated the need of piety and devotion. His simplicity is evident from the fact that he kept only one spare dress for himself and gave away all other possessions in charity. Kalsahar Bhatt has called him Parbat Meran, that is, strong and firm in his patience like the Meru mountain in the Himalayas. The jealousies and the complaints of the caste-conscious Brahmins and Khatris and his refusal to pay them in the same coin show his saintly character. His enemies, in spite of their constant mischief, could not disturb his peace of mind. Moreover, his devotion to Guru Angad and his love of Sewa for over eleven years won him the respect and admiration of the congregation. His sweet personality was amply reflected in his writings and the events of his life. He was an ideal man and matched up to his definition of the superman found in one of his hymns :

"The ideal man, through the Guru, enjoys internally the status of wedded wife and bears the Lord in his heart. For he who speaks sweetly and is humble in his ways, enjoys the bed of the Spouse".   (Page: 31)





























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