18. His Music

Guru Amardas knew many more ragas than those used by him for his hymns. Though he has not used Kedara raga, he had referred to it in Var Maru: "Among melodies, Kedara is deemed good, O brother, if through it one loves the Name and one associates with the Saint's society and enshrines affection for the True Lord".   

 (Page or Ang: 1087)

Guru Amardas has made a reference to Gujri raga. This raga was first formulated by Raja Man Singh Tomar of Gwailor, in honour of his Queen who belonged to the Gujar caste which is supposed to be a comparatively low caste. Just as the Raja transformed a peasant woman into queen, in the same way the Guru can change a common man into an ideal man - a man of God: "Low is the caste of the milk-maid, but when she ponders over the Guru's hymns, and night and day repeats God's Name, she attains to her Spouse".

 (Page or Ang: 516)

Bilawal which literally means bliss becomes truly felicitous, when it is used as a medium for meditation: "Beauteous is Bilawal's melody and tune, if through the Guru's word, one fixes his attention on the Lord".

 (Page or Ang: 849)

In Wadahans raga, the Guru makes a pun on the word Wadahans to high-light the efficacy of this raga. If it is used for singing the praise of the Lord of Truth, one becomes a supreme swan - one endowed with discrimination to sift water from milk and falsehood from truth.

"Those who are imbued with the Divine World and clasp the True Name to their hearts are the great swans".

 (Page or Ang: 585)

Similarly, Ramkali which literally means the bud of God will blossom into the blooming lotus, if it is used for singing the Holy Name: "Through Ramakali raga, I have enshrined the Lord in my mind and have become embellished. When by the Guru's word, my heart-lotus blossomed, the Lord blessed me with the treasure of His devotion".

 ((Page or Ang: 950)

Guru Amardas avoided using ragas like Deepak, Hindol and Megh which are against the spirit of Kirtan. After all Kirtan is intended to lead man to spiritual development and salvation: "Through the infinite hymns of the Guru, day and night, I ever sing the praise of the Lord".     

((Page or Ang: 593)

"In this dark age, singing of God's praise is indeed a beacon - light for the world".

 ((Page or Ang: 145)

"When I sang the Lord's praises, the Divine light was kindled and I was shown the way".  

 ((Page or Ang: 86)






























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