17. Prosody

The Guru's poetic style is flexible and varied. He uses different numbers of padas in Chhants and Sohilay. In his Patti, Alahaniva and Anand, he does not slavishly follow the rules of prosody; rather he modifies them according to the nature of the theme and feeling. Like a seasoned poet, he uses images, symbols and figures of speech to highlight his message. The images of the love-torn bride and the pied cuckoo - Babeeha (p.1282) - are taken directly from every-day life. Metaphors and similes are found in God's plenty. So also we come across a number of gems of alliterative poetry :

"Har jeev Nirmal Nirmala Mirmal mum vasa"     (Pageó 426)

"Maya mamta mohini"      (Pageó 643)

"Gahir Gambhir Gunee Gaheer"      (Pageó 1234)

"Sahijay Sach Samai"      (Pageó 1249)






























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