14. Establishment of Manji System

The Guru's following increased considerably. Steps were taken to organize the scattered congregation into a unified whole which was called Manji system. His whole spiritual domain took the shape of 22 Manjis (dioceses). It was so named because the in charge of a Manji sat on a cot (called Manji in Punjabi) to deliver the message of the Guru. The in charge of each and every Manji was a devoted Sikh who was blessed by the Guru before he was appointed to that position. His function was to preach the mission of the Guru, to keep the Sangat (congregation) in touch with the Guru and he was also responsible for the offerings of the Sikhs which they made in token of their reverence to the Guru. The following were the twenty-two Manjis:

1. Alayar   Alayar also called Allah Shah was a Pathan trader whose story has been given earlier, became Guru's Sikh and was entrusted with the first Manji to spread Sikh faith.

2. Sachan Sach  He was a Brahman from Mandar village in Lahore district. He always used the word 'Sachan Sach' and so he was called Sachan Sach. One of the queens of Raja of Haripur became insane, and by the grace of the Guru, she recovered her sanity. The Guru married her to Sachan Sach. The couple preached Sikhism.

3. Sadharan  He was an inhabitant of Goindwal and was given a Manji for his devotion to the Guru.

4. Sawan Mal  He was a nephew of Guru Amar Das. The Guru sent him to Haripur in Kangra district to procure timber for the construction of houses in Goindwal. Sawan Mal propagated Sikh gospel in that area.

5. Sukhan  He was an inhabitant of Dhamian village in Rawalpindi district. He preached Sikhism in that area.

6. Handal  He was from Jandiala village in Amritsar district. He rendered great service in Guru's kitchen.

7. Kedari  Bhai Kedari was an inhabitant of Batala in Gurdaspur district. He was a very famous devotee of the Guru.

8. Kheda  He was from Khemkaran village in Lahore district. He was a devotee of Durga goddess before he became Guru's Sikh.

9. Gangushah  He was an inhabitant of Garh Shankar. The Guru sent him to preach Sikhism in Sarmaur state.

10. Darbari   Bhai Darbari was from Majitha village in Amritsar district.

11. Paro  Bhai Paro was a Sikh of Guru Angad. He was an inhabitant of Dalla. His devotion got him the eleventh Manji.

12. Phera  Bhai Phera was an inhabitant of Mirpur in Jammu area. He was a disciple of the Jogis before he became Guru Amar Das's Sikh. He preached Sikhism in that hilly area.

13. Bua  Bhai Bua became Guru's Sikh and was blessed with Nam, the fragrance of which he spread around his area.

14. Beni  He was a learned Pandit of Chunian in Lahore district. He was proud of his knowledge of Hindu Shastras and he defeated many in the debate of that knowledge. When he came to Goindwal, he fell on the feet of the Guru and became his Sikh. The Guru entrusted him with the fourteenth Manji.

15. Mahesa  He was an inhabitant of Sultanpur and he performed missionary work in that area.

16. Mai Das  Mai Das's story has been given in the previous pages. He preached Sikhism in Majha area.

17. Manak Chand  His reference has been made in the previous pages. When he was drowned in the Bawli and then revived by the Guru, the Sikhs called him Marjiwra- the revived after death. His generation is called Marjiwre in Vairowal village in Amritsar district. Manak Chand was made a spiritual guide to Mai Das by the Guru.

18. Murari  He was an inhabitant of Khai village in Lahore district. His original name Prema and he was a leper. He heard about Guru Amar Das and came crawling all the way to Goindwal. By the grace of the Guru, he was fully healed. He was renamed as Murari. The Guru married him to Matho, daughter of Bhai Sihan. He was then sent out as one of the itinerant preachers of the Guru's gospel.

19. Raja Ram  He was a Brahman. He became Guru's Sikh. His generation now lives in Sandhma village of Jullundhur district.

20. Rang Shah  He was an inhabitant of Malupote village in Jullundhur district. He propagated Guru's faith in Doaba area.

21. Rang Das  He was from Gharooan village (near Kharar) now in Rupar district.

22. Lalo  He was an inhabitant of Dalla and was a famous Vaid (doctor). He became Guru's Sikh and preached Guru's gospel.

Guru Amar Das established another organization called Piri system. The incharges of the Piris were ladies whose objective was to lit the flame of Guru's word and spread the fragrance of Nam among women. Bibi Bhani, Bibi Dani and Bibi Pal were some of the most revered incharges of the different Piris. Guru Amar Das gave authority and power to 146 of his apostles to go to various parts of the country and unfold the glory of Nam. Out of these 146 persons, 94 were men and 52 were women. They were all glowing with Nam and filled with Divine Spirit.






























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