13. Training snd Succession of Bhai Jetha

Bhai Jetha, the Guru's son-in-law, proved himself a true and devoted Sikh. He had been in close touch with the Guru from 1546. After shifting to Goindwal, he served the Guru and the Sangat (congregation) at BaoliSahab. Guru Amardas decided to establish a big centre of religion and trade at a new place for the Sikhs. So he deputised Bhai Jetha to find a suitable site close to the trade routes. Bhai Jetha purchased land from the Zamindars of Gumtula, Tung and Sultanwind and developed it. It came to be known as Chak Guru and later Ramadaspur. He collected a large number of masons, carpenters and ironsmith for the construction of residential buildings and shops. Soon a market sprang up, which to this day is called Guru-Ka-Bazar. A Free Kitchen - langar - was set up for the workers and the artisans. Bhai Jetha, though busy with the planning and construction work of the township, organised missionary work and delivered discourses to the congregations held at the site. The construction work which started in 1570 was interrupted for some time and restarted in 1576. The excavation of the tank - Amritsar - began in 1577 and was completed in 1581. Guru Amardas felt that his end was approaching and so he must select a successor. He devised a test to select the best Sikh as the next Guru. The two serious contenders were his two sons-in-law. He asked both of them to construct a platform according to his specification. Rama, the elder son-in-law, and Bhai Jetha, the other son-in-law, started the construction of separate platforms. When these were ready Guru Amardas inspected them and rejected them. He asked them to demolished the platforms and build new ones again. For three times he disapproved of the platforms built by both of them separately. Rama refused to build the platform for the fourth time; Bhai Jetha, however, completed the platform and it was rejected again. So he continued his efforts. When he built the platform for the seventh time, Guru Amardas approved of it and decided to select him as the successor because of his patience and devotion. He called the congregation and seated Bhai Jetha on the throne of Guruship, as Guru Ramdas - the Fourth Guru of the Sikhs. Balwand and Satta composed the following coronation ode:

"You are Nanak. You are Angad. You are Guru Amardas, so do we regard you; deeming you as the Transcendental Lord, your followers and the congregation bow before you". (Page: 969)

Guru Amardas passed away at Goindwal on 1st September 1573. His mantle fell on the shoulders of Guru Ramdas.






























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