10. Cordial Relations with Akbar

The tolerant and liberal policy of emperor Akbar was to some extent responsible for the cordial relations between the Sikh Gurus and the Muslim gentry. Akbar had a regard for holy men of all faiths. Earlier, he was called upon to give a decision on a complaint filed by some orthodox Brahmins and Khatris against Guru Amardas for rejecting age-old Hindu caste-practices and taboos. Guru Amardas sent Bhai Jetha to Lahore, who explained the egalitarian and liberal principles of Sikhism to the emperor. Akbar dismissed the petition in 1566. Failing in this attempt, Gond Khatri and his agent filed another false petition, that the Guru had illegally occupied the land belonging to them. This claim was also rejected because it was proved that the Guru was in lawful possession of the land at Goindwal. Guru Ramdas later composed a hymn and referred to this incident:

"The apostate was sent to slander and backbite others, but there too, the faces of both the perverse persons were got blackened".    (Page: 306)

As mentioned earlier, Akbar took food in the community Kitchen at Goindwal and was pleased with the arrangements of the mess. At the suggestion of the Guru, he remitted the land-revenue for he Lahore district for one year on accent of the considerable fall in grain prices. The peasants became very happy and thanked Guru Amardas for his good offices.






























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