30. Gurbaani Raag Prabhaati

Prabhati does not appear in the Ragmala: the nearest to it in name Prabal. Prabhati belongs to the Bhairav thata and is often combined with Raga Bhairav. Prabhati was the setting used for some 58 hymns by Guru Nanak, Guru ,Amar Das, Guru Ram Das and Guru Arjan. This is a morning raga to be performed in a slow and dignified manner.

Aroh  Sa Re Ga Pa Dha Sa

Avroh  Sa Ni Dha Ni Pa Ga Re Sa

Pakar  Pa Pa Sa, Ni Dha Ni Pa, Pa Dha Ga Pa, Dha Pa Dha

Vadi  Sa

Samvadi  Pa


This raga is made up of a mixture of many ragas. There is no mention of this raga in any ancient book of Indian music, though it is quite popular in the religious songs. Some authors do classify it as s a raga of Bharav thata.

This raga is not mentioned in the Ragamala listed at the end of Guru Granth Sahib.

The scale and notes of the raga are as follows:

Arohi (ascending scale) - sa re, ga , dha, sa

Avrohi (descending scale) - sa ni dha ni pa, dha ga pa, ga re sa

The vadi (most popular) note is 'sa' and samvadi (second most popular) note is 'pa'.

This raga is sung in the first part of the day i.e., 6 a.m. 9 a.m. The season of its recitation is spring (basant) i.e., during February - March. In Guru Granth Sahib it has hymns from pages 1327 - 1351 (15 pages).

The Composers

The composers of bani (hymns) in this raga are:


  • Nanak Dev

  • Amardas

  • Ramdas

  • Guru Arjan Dev


  • Kabir

  • Namdev

  • Beni






























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