10. Gurbaani Raag Dhanaasari

Raga Dhanasri appears in the Ragmala as a ragini of Malkaunsa and currently is a member of the Kafi thata, It closely resembles Bhimpalasi in musical content but the vadis and moods are different. Dhanasri is performed in the early afternoon and presents a cheerful, happy mood. It provided the setting for hymns by Guru Nanak, Guru Ainar Das, Guru Ram Das, Guru Arjan and Gurfi Tegh Bahadur for a total of 101 hymns. These texts stress that man reaps what he sows. Only in the Lord may be found the riches that dispel fear and ignorance and thus cause man to realize his true self.

Aroh  Sa Ga'Ma Pa Ni Sa

Avroh  Sa _Ni Dha Pa Nla P a Ga Re Sa

Vadi  Pa

Samvadi  Sa

Pa is given considerable emphasis and _Ni and Pa receive sliding approaches, a characteristic of this raga. The pentatonic ascent provides some of the melodic features of this raga.


According to one school of Music this raga is a ragini (consort) of raga Malkaus. It is made up of a mixture of Todi, Asawari and Marwa ragas. It is sung in four different forms: Kafi form, Multani form, Puria form and Bharvi form This raga is included in the Ragamala listed at the end of Guru Granth Sahib. The scale and notes of the four forms listed above are the same and are as follows :

Arohi (ascending scale) - sa ga ma pa ni sa

Avrohi (descending scale) - sa ni dha pa ma ga re sa

The vadi (most popular) note is 'pa' and samvadi (second most popular) note is 'sa'.

This raga is sung at the third part of the day i.e., from 12 p.m. to 3 p.m. The season of its recitation is winter (shisher) i.e., during December and January.
In Guru Granth Sahib it has hymns from pages 660 - 695 (36 pages).

The Composers

The composers of bani (hymns) in this raga are :


  • Guru Nanak Dev

  • Guru Amardas

  • Guru Ramdas

  • Guru Arjan Dev

  • Guru Tegh Bhadur


  • Kabir

  • Trilochan

  • Namdev

  • Ravidas

  • Sain

  • Pipa

  • Dhanna






























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