123. In which year was the first construction of Harmandir Saheb (Golden Temple) completed ?

1589 A.D.

124. Which guru taught obedience to Satta and Balwand when they struck work ?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

125. Who was Bhai Gurdas ?

He was the nephew (son of younger brother) of Guru Amardas Ji. He was one of the most learned Sikhs and his writings are still respected by Sikhs. The copy of Guru Granth Saheb at Kartarpur is written in his hand.

126. How was Bhai Gurdas Ji a relative of Guru Arjan Dev Ji ?

Bhai Gurdas Ji was the cousin brother of Bibi Bhaani Ji, who was the daughter of Guru Amardass Ji, wife of Guru Ramdas Ji, and mother of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

127. Which Guru initiated Bhai Gurdas Ji into Sikhism ?

Guru Ramdas Ji

128. Whom did Guru Arjan Dev Ji dictate the Adi Granth to ?

Bhai Gurdas Ji

129. In which year did Bhai Gurdas die ?

1629 A.D.

130. When did Akbar die ?

October 17, 1605 A.D.

131. Under the rule of which Mughal Emperor was Guru Arjan Dev Ji made to sit on a red-hot iron plate ?


132. Where & when did Guru Arjan Dev Ji achieve martyrdom ?

In Lahore on May 25, 1606 A.D.

133. Name the Gurdwara, now in Pakistan, that stands at the place where Guru Arjan Dev Ji was martyred.

Dehra Saheb

134. In which year was Guru Hargobind Ji born ?

In 1595 A.D.

135. Name the wifes of Guru Hargobind Ji.

Bibi Damodri, Bibi Mahadevi, and Bibi Nanaki

136. How many sons did Guru Hargobind Ji have ? Name them.

He had Five Sons. They were :

  • Baba Gurditta (Born of Bibi Damodri) (Father of Guru Harrai)

  • Baba Suraj Mal (Born of Bibi Mahadevi)

  • Baba Ani Rai (Born of Bibi Nanaki)

  • Baba Atal Rai (Born of Bibi Nanaki)

  • (Guru) Tegh Bahadur (Born of Bibi Nanaki)

137. Name the daughter of Guru Hargobind Ji.

Bibi Viro (Born of Bibi Damodri)

138. How high is the tower of Baba Atal (built in memory of Baba Atal in Amritsar) ?

It is 9 storeys high.

139. Where was Guru Hargobind Ji sent as a state prisoner ?

Fort of Gwalior.

140. How many princes who were already imprisoned in the Fort of Gwalior got freed along with Guru Hargobind Ji ?


141. Guru Hargobind Ji donned the sword as a twin symbol of two powers. Name them.

Miri (Temporal Power) & Piri (Spiritual Power).

142. Name the fortification that Guru Hargobind Ji put up in Amritsar.


143. What is the literal meaning of Akal Takht ?

Throne of the Almighty.

144. Who built the Akal Takht (then called Akal Bunga) ?

Guru Hargobind Ji

145. When did Guru Hargobind Ji build Akal Takht (Akal Bunga) in Amritsar ?

In 1609 A.D.

146. Why did Guru Hargobind Saheb Ji build the Akaal Takht directly across from Harmandar Saheb ?

To represent the unity of spiritual and secular (military) affairs. Akaal Takhat (miri) was complimentary to Harmandar Saheb (piri).

147. When did Jehangir die ?

October 28, 1627 A.D.

148. In which year was the first battle between Emperor Shaah Jahan and Guru Hargobind Saheb Ji fought ?

The battle took place in 1634 A.D. The Emperor sent an army of 7000 cavalry under the command of his general Mukhlis Khan to capture the Guru. In the ensuing battle the Gurus forces emerged victorious after the Guru killed Mukhlis Khan in single combat with his sword. This battle marked a turning point as the Sikhs now turned militant under mughal persecution.






























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