98. What was the name of the river that Guru Amardas Ji walked to to get water for Guru Angad Dev Ji's bath ?

River Beas

99. When was Guru Amardas Ji appointed as Guru ?

1552 A.D.

100. Name the eldest son of Guru Angad Dev Ji who struck Guru Amardas Ji with his foot when Guru Ji was seated on Gurgaddi (Guru's seat).

Bhai Datu

101. Which city was founded by Guru Amardas Ji, where he settled down after being appointed as Guru ?


102. What is a baoli ?

A well with steps proceeding down to the water level.

103. When was the Baoli (well) with 84 steps completed by Guru Amardas Ji in Goindval ?

In 1559 A.D.

104. Who established the system of preachers called 'masands' ?

Guru Amardas Ji

105. In which year did Emperor Akbar visit Guru Amardas Ji ?

1567 A.D.

106. Why did Guru Amardas Ji refuse Emperor Akbar's offering of village revenues for the Guru-ka-langar ?

This Community Kitchen must be community supported and depend only on the offerings of the devout.

107. What did one have to do before he was allowed to attend discourse of Guru Amardas Ji ?

They had to partake Guru-ka-langar

108. What were the three special days declared by Guru Amardas Ji when all the Sikhs were to congregate from far and near at the Guru's place to hear His words ?

Baisakhi (April 13), Maghi (1st day of Magha, mid January) and Diwali (festival of lights in October/November)

109. Guru Amardas Ji opposed the practice of Purdah. What is Purdah ?

Wearing of veil by women

110. Guru Amardas Ji opposed the practice of Sati. What is Sati ?

The practice of burning the widow on her husbands funeral pyre is called Sati. When the husband died, the wife either voluntarily burnt herself on the pyre of her husband or was thrown into the fire without her consent. In popular term the woman who did perform this act was called Sati (truthful).

111. How many missionaries ('masands') did Guru Amardas Ji train and sent out to various places ? Out of these, how many were women ?

Guru Amardas Ji trained and sent out 146 missionaries, out of which 52 were women. (Note: At one time, the country of Afghanistan and Kashmir were under the jurisdiction of women masands.)

112. In which year did Guru Amardas Ji become 'Joti Jot' (immersed in the Eternal Light) ?

In 1574 A.D.

113. In which year was Guru Ramdas Ji born ?

In 1534 A.D.

114. Name the parents of Guru Ramdas Ji.

Hari Das and Anup Devi (some historians list Daya Kaur as the mother)

115. What was Guru Ramdas Ji's wife's name ?

Bibi Bhani Ji. (Daughter of Guru Amardas Ji.)

116. What was the original name of Guru Ramdas Ji ?

Bhai Jetha

117. Name the three sons of Guru Ramdas Ji.

  • Prithi Chand (eldest)

  • Mahadeo

  • Arjan Mal (later became Guru Arjan Dev Ji)

118. When and where did Guru Ramdas Ji become 'Joti Jot' (immersed in the Eternal Light) ?

In 1581 A.D. at Goindval.

119. In which year was Guru Arjan Dev Ji born ?

In 1563 A.D.

120. What was Guru Arjan Dev Ji's wife's name ?

Mata Ganga Ji

121. Name the only son of Guru Arjan Dev Ji.


122. Name the son of Prithi Chand.































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