71. Name the 10th Guru of the Sikhs in the right order

Guru Gobind Singh Ji (1666 - 1708)

72. Name the so called cannibal that Guru Nanak Dev Ji met during his travel through the wilderness of Assam.

Kauda Rakhshash

73. During his travels, whom did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet at Sangladeep (Ceylon) ?

Raja Shiv Nabh

74. Who was the founder of the Mughal dynasty in India ?


75. Name the reigning Mughal ruler during Guru Nanak Dev Ji's time.


76. What are the four hymns by Guru Nanak alluding to the invasions by Babar (1483-1530 A.D.) collectively known in Sikh literature ?

Babarvani (Guru Nanak described the atrocities of Babar and his men in Punjab)

77. Where was Guru Nanak taken captive during Babar's invasion ?

Sayyadpur, now called Eminabad, in Gujranwala district of Pakistan

78. Where did Guru Nanak Dev Ji meet Vali Kandhari ?

Hasan Abdal

79. Name the Gurdwara, now in Pakistan, which stands at the place where Vali Kandhari's ego was broken.

Panja Saheb

80. When and where did Guru Nanak Dev Ji become 'Joti Jot' (immersed in the Eternal Light) ?

In 1539 at Kartarpur

81. How old was Guru Nanak Dev Ji when he passed away and transferred the 'Divine Light' over to Guru Angad Dev Ji ?

Seventy Years

82. In which year was Guru Angad Dev Ji born ?

In 1504 A.D.

83. What was the original name of Guru Angad Dev Ji ?

Bhai Lehna

84. Name the father of Bhai Lehna Ji.

Bhai Pheru

85. Who was Mata Kheevi Ji ?

  • She was the wife of Guru Angad Dev Ji.

  • She is the only woman in Sikh History whose name has been mentioned in Guru Granth Saheb Ji.

86. Name the children of Guru Angad Dev Ji.

  • 2 sons: Bhai Datu and Bhai Dasu

  • 2 daughters: Bibi Amro Ji and Bibi Anokhi Ji

87. In what year was Guru Angad Dev Ji appointed as Guru ?

1539 A.D.

88. Where did Guru Angad Dev stay during the years that Guru Amardas served him ?

Khadur Saheb

89. Who was Humayun, & why was he visiting Guru Angad Dev Ji ?

Humayun was Babar's son. Having been defeated by Sher Shah, he was fleeing India via Lahore and hearing the repute of Guru Angad Dev Ji, came to meet him at Khadur for his blessings, with a good number of presents

90. When did Guru Angad Dev Ji become 'Joti Jot' (immersed in the Eternal Light) ?

In 1552 A.D.

91. When was Guru Amardas Ji born ?

In 1479 A.D.

92. Name the parents of Guru Amardas Ji.

Bhai Tej Bhan and Mata Lakhmi (or Mata Bhakt Devi as per some historians)

93. Name the wife of Guru Amardas Ji.

Bibi Mansa Devi

94. Name the children of Guru Amardas Ji.

  • 2 sons: Baba Mohan and Baba Mohri

  • 2 daughters: Bibi Dani and Bibi Bhani

95. Who was Bibi Amro Ji ?

She was the daughter of Guru Angad Dev Ji and daughter-in-law of the brother of Guru Amardas Ji.

96. How old was Guru Amardas Ji when he met Guru Angad Dev  ?

61 years old

97. For how many years did Guru Amardas Ji serve Guru Angad Dev Ji ?

12 Years






























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