665. What is the code of conduct for the Khalsa ?

Every organization has its code of discipline, vows and signs and so has the Khalsa. Since the code of the Sikhs was prescribed by no less than the Gurus themselves, the Sikhs observe it without any "ifs" or "buts" and take pride in it. The instructions are:

  • 1. The Sikhs will worship only God. They will not set up any idols, gods, goddess or statues for worship nor shall they worship any human being. "Burnt be that tongue which sayeth, God is cast into the womb." (Bhairo M.5)

  • 2. The Sikhs will believe in no other religious book other than the Holy Guru Granth Sahib, although they can study other religious books for acquiring knowledge and for comparative study.

  • 3. The Sikhs will not believe in castes, untouchability, magic, omens, amulets, astrology, Sharadhs, ceremonial hair cutting, fasts, frontal marks, sacred thread, graves and traditional death rites, "Some worship stones and put them on their heads Some suspend Linghams from their necks. Some say God is in the South, Some bow their heads to the West. Some fools worship idols, Others busy themselves with worshipping the dead. The whole world is entangled in false ceremonies, How can they find God's secrets ?" I speak verily, hear me all ye people, They who love God have obtained him." (Akal Ustat 10th Guru)

  • 4. The Khalsa will remain distinct by wearing 5 K's but shall not injure the feelings of others professing different religions. The names Allah and Abhekh are for the same God The same is referred to in the Puranas and the Quran. All human beings have the same form the same constitution


  • 5. The Khalsa will pray to God before starting any work. This will be over and above his usual prayers

  • "Kita lorye kamm so har pai akhye, karaj de swar satgur sachh sakhye"

  • "When you intend to start work pray to God for success"

  • 6. Although a Sikh may learn as many languages as he likes, he must learn Punjabi and teach his children to learn to read it. "Gurmukhi Akhar jo Hain Bhai, Sikh se seekhe jai" "Gurmukhi script is important my brother, let one Sikh learn it from the other"

  • 7. Every male should add "Singh" after his name and every female Sikh should add "Kaur" after her name. They must never remove hair from any part of their bodies. "So long as Khalsa remains distinct, I shall bestow my blessing on it."

  • 8. Opium, LSD, Tobacco, and all other intoxicants are strictly prohibited to the Sikhs. "By getting intoxicated Nanak, you invite many sins."

  • 9. The Sikh men and women will not make holes in their ears or noses and shall have no connection whatsoever with those who kill their daughters. Sikh women will not observe veil (Parda). "Raho Ra ho re bavrya, Ghungat jin kadhe" "Away away ladies who come to me in veils" (Guru Granth Sahib)

  • 10. A Sikh will live only on honest labour and give generously to the poor and the needy thinking all the time that whatever he gives is given to the Guru. "Work hard and share your earnings Nanak, thus shall you find the way."

  • 11. A Sikh must never steal or gamble and: "Consider another's daughter as his own And another's wife as his mother. Love his wife dearly and sincerely And not covet another's wealth."

  • 12. Except for the Kachha and the turban there is no restriction on the dress of the Sikh's dress should be simple and modest. "Gaudy clothes, beauty and ornaments Thou leavest in the world. What is more important is our good or bad actions For which thou shalt have to be responsible."

  • 13. When a Sikh meets another Sikh he will greet by saying, "Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa, Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh." (The Khalsa belongs to the Lord, all glory to Him). (Adapted from Sikh Rahat Maryada PP 18-20, 11th Edition 1954 Punjabi.)


The following instructions are given to the initiate at the time of baptism for strict compliance from that very moment :

  • 1. Thou shalt never remove any hair from any part of thy body.

  • 2. Thou shalt not use tobacco or any other intoxicants or inebrients.

  • 3. Thou shalt not eat Halal (meat prepared by ritual slaughter)

  • 4. Thou shalt not commit adultery. "You shall shower all you love on your wedded wife And shall not approach another women even in a dream." (Guru Gobind Singh)






























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