595. When was the Khalsa College, Amritsar founded ?

The main work of the Khalsa Diwan was the foundation of the Khalsa College, Amritsar, in 1892.

596. When did Professor Gurmukh Singh die ?

Professor Gurmukh Singh died in 1898.

597. When was the Chief Khalsa Diwan started ?

The Lahore Khalsa Diwan could not survive the incessant shocks of the deaths of Sir Attar Singh (1896), Professor Gurmukh Singh (1898), and Bhai Dit Singh (1901). It's place was taken by the Chief Khalsa Diwan, Amritsar, that held it's first meeting on October 30, 1902. Bhai Arjun Singh was elected President and Sardar Sunder Singh Majithia, the Secretary.

598. The inaugural prayer of the Chief Khalsa Diwan was offered by Babu Teja Singh. How did he become a dissenter later on ?

Babu Teja Singh founded a new association called the "Panch Khalsa Diwan", which did much useful work in propagating the mission of Guru Gobind Singh, but in the end floundered pitifully in trying to rearrange the text of Guru Granth Saheb by excluding the compositions of the Bards (Bhattas) and including those of the Tenth Guru.

599. When was the Anand Marriage Act passed ?

The Anand Marriage Act, legalising the Sikh form of marriage, was passed in 1909.

600. When was the Kirpan exempted from the Arms Act ?

The Kirpan was exempted from the Arms Act (in India) in 1914.

601. When did the Sikhs organize a political body of their own ?

The Sikhs organized a political body of their own, called the "Sikh League", and held it's first session at Amritsar, in 1919.

602. What was the name of this new phase of reform that began among the Sikhs ?

It was called the Akali Movement.

603. At Guru-ka-Baagh, what was the name of the British official who ordered the merciless beating of non-violent, protesting Akalis ?

S.G.M. Beatty

604. At Guru-ka-Baagh, how many Akalis ended up in the hospital as a result of the merciless beatings given by the British ?

904 hospitalized

605. What was the name of the Udaasi Mahant who lodged the complaint that the Akalis were cutting timber from Gurdwara land ?

Sundar Das

606. When was the beating of Sikh volunteers stopped ?

September 13, 1922.

607. Why did the Sikh Sangat of Panja Saheb want to stop the train passing through the Panja Saheb railway station ?

To feed the Akali prisoners from Guru-ka-Baagh, who had not been given any food by the British authorities

608. Who were the two Sikhs who were crushed to death under the train at Panja Saheb ?

Partaap Singh and Karam Singh on October 31, 1922.

609. In the beginning of the twentieth century, stringent laws were passed in British Columbia, Canada, to discourage the immigration of Indians to Canada. Why were they passed and what were the laws ?

The Canadians felt that the growing number of Indians would take over their jobs in factories, mills, and lumber yards. It was these insecurities which led British Columbia to pass the follwing laws to stop the so-called "Brown Invasion":

  • Indians had to have at least $200 on their person to enter British Columbia (An average Indian earned about 10 cents a day!)

  • They had to come via direct passage from India.

610. When was the bill passed denying all Indians the right to vote ?

1907 A.D. They were prohibited to run for public office, serve on juries, and were not permitted to become accountants, lawyers, or pharmacists.

611. When was the Khalsa Diwan Society established in Vancouver ?

In order to fight the unjust immigration laws, the Indians (mostly Sikhs) organized the Khalsa Diwan Society in Vancouver in 1907 with branches in other provinces.

612. What does 'Ghadr' mean ?


613. How did the Ghadr Movement get it's name ?

The word 'Ghadr' was the name given to the newspaper edited and published for the Hindustani Association of the Pacific Coast which was founded at Portland, USA, in 1912. The movement this Association gave rise to for revolutionary activities in India also came to be known as the 'Ghadr Movement'.






























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