506. During the persecution of Sikhs by Mir Mannu what happened if a person lost a horse in fighting a Sikh ?

The government replaced it with another horse.

507. When did Nawab Kapur Singh die ?

October 7, 1753 A.D.

508. When did Mir Mannu finally die ?

November 2, 1753 A.D.

509. When was Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia formally appointed as the political and religious leader of the Khalsa Panth in place of Nawab Kapur Singh ?

April 10, 1756 A.D.

510. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) invade India for the fourth time ?

January 28, 1757 A.D.

511. When did Adeena Beg die ?

September 15, 1758 A.D.

512. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) invade India for the fifth time ?

October 25, 1759 A.D.

513. When was the historic battle of Panipat fought ?

January 14, 1761 A.D.

514. Why was Ala Singh condemned and fined by the Dal Khalsa ?

For his act of submission to the foreigner - in March 1761, Ala Singh was confirmed as a ruler independent of Sirhind in return for a tribute of five lakhs annually.

515. How many Hindu women were released and restored to their families when the Sikhs attacked the Durrani forces returning from Delhi ?

About 2200 Hindu women.

516. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) invade India for the sixth time ?

February 3, 1762 A.D.

517. On what date did the Wada Ghalughaara (Greater Holocaust) occur ?

February 5, 1762

518. In the Wada Ghalughaaraa, out of the 30,000 Sikhs, how many were massacred by the Mughal forces ?

10,000 (mainly women and children)

519. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani blow up Harmandir Sahib with gunpowder ?

April 10, 1762 A.D. The tank after being desecrated with the blood of cows was filled with refuse and debris. The 'Bunghas' (rest-houses) meant for pilgrims were destroyed.

520. How did he get wounded ?

As the buildings were being blown up, a flying brick-bat struck him on his nose and inflicted a wound from which he never recovered.

521. Who was Baba Deep Singh ?

Baba Deep Singh was incharge of the Gurdwara at Talwandi Sabo, called Damdama Saheb. He had received baptism from the hands of Guru Gobind Singh Ji himself. He was one of the most scholarly Sikhs of his time and had helped the tenth Guru, along with Bhai Mani Singh, in preparing the final version of the Adi Granth.
On hearing about the desecration of Harmandir Saheb (Golden Temple) by Durrani, he started at once to avenge the insult. In the battle of Goharval, he received a mortal wound, but supporting his wounded head, he went on fighting untill he fell dead in the precincts of Harmandir Saheb.

522. Why did Hari Singh Bhangi lead an expedition against Kasur ?

To free the wife of a brahmin of Kasur on april 10, 1763.

523. Who got the Gurdwara 'Fatehgarh Saheb' built at the place where the infant sons Guru Gobind Singh Ji were bricked alive ?

Jassa Singh Ahluwalia in 1764.

524. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) invade India for the seventh time ?

October, 1764 A.D.

525. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani (Abdali) invade India for the eighth & last time ?

November, 1765 A.D.

526. What caused Ahmad Shah's death in June 1773 ?

The brick-bat that hit his nose during his desecration of Harmandar Saheb made a wound that turned cancerous and eventually caused his death

527. When did Jassa Singh Ahluwalia pass away ?

October 20, 1783 A.D.






























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