460. When did Zakhriya Khan die ?

June, 1745 A.D.

461. Who was the successor of Zakhriya Khan ?

His son, Yahiya Khan.

462. Why and how were Subeg Singh and Shahbaz Singh martyred ?

Subeg Singh, who had contracts with government, was martyred under suspicion that he was supplying info to Sikhs. His 15 year old son, Shahbaz Singh was martyred because he refused to convert to Islam under the wishes of this Qazi at the Mohammedan school he studied at.
Subeg Singh and Shahbaz Singh were put on a wheel with slashing knives arranged around it and turned on it.

463. What was Diwan Lakhpat Rai's brother's name ?

Jaspat Rai, Faujdar of Eminabad.

464. When Jaspat Rai attacked the Sikhs visiting Eminabad, who killed him ?

Nirbhau Singh got onto the elephant of Jaspat Rai and cut off his head.

465. What does 'Ghalughaara' mean in English ?


466. In what year did the 'Chhota Ghalughaara' (First Holocaust) occur ?


467. In the 'Chhota Ghalughaara', what were the names of the Nawab and the Hindu Diwaan who led the sudden Mughal attack on the Sikhs as they crossed the Raavi River ?

Yahiya Khaan and Lakhpat Rai (Lakhpat was Hindu Diwaan)

468. How many Sikhs were killed in the 'Chhota Ghalughaara' ?

At least 7000 were killed and 3000 brought as prisoners to Lahore, where they were beheaded at the 'Nakhas', after being subjected to indignities and torture.

469. When did Yahiya Khan lose power ?

Yahiya Khan was ousted by his younger brother, Shah Nawaz Khan, the Governor of Multan, in March 1747. Lakhpat Rai was also thrown in prison.

470. When was Nadir Shah assasinated ?

June 8, 1747 A.D.

471. Who ascended the throne of Afganistan after the assasination of Nadir Shah ?

Ahmed Shah Durrani (also known as Ahmed Shah Abdali)

472. Whom did Shah Nawaz Khan invite to invade India ?

Ahmed Shah Durrani, ruler of Kabul.

473. When did Ahmed Shah Durrani establish his control over Lahore ?

January 12, 1748 A.D.

474. Who defeated Ahmed Shah Durrani ?

The Mughals defeated Ahmed Shah Durrani in the battle of Manupur, near Sirhind, in the middle of March, 1748.

475. After his defeat, when Ahmed Shah Durrani left Sirhind, who attacked the Durranis, looting and plundering considerable wealth and horses from the Durranis ?

Sardar Charat Singh Sukarchakia

476. Who became the new Governor of Lahore and Multan ?

Mir Mannu, on April 11, 1748 A.D.

477. When was Jassa Singh Ahluwalia born ?

May 3, 1718 A.D.

478. What was Jassa Singh's father's name ?

Badar Singh

479. How old was Jassa Singh Ahluwalia when his father died ?

5 years old

480. Who was entreated to take care of Jassa Singh Ahluwalia when his father died ?

Mata Sundri Ji

481. How long did Jassa Singh and his mother serve Mata Sundri in Delhi ?

For a period of about 7 years.

482. Whom did Jassa Singh Ahluwalia's mother leave him with (as his god-father) ?

Sardar Kapur Singh. Jassa Singh became famous as his adopted son.

483. Who lead the attack on Salabat Khan to liberate Amritsar from under his control in March 1748 ?

Sardar Jassa Singh Ahluwalia. He chopped off the head of Salabat Khan in the battle.






























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