441. Why couldn't Bhai Mani Singh pay the amount of Rs.5000 ?

Bhai Mani Singh hoped that he would be able to pay the sum out of the offerings to be made by the Khalsa attending the fair. The Governor, however, tricked him by sending a force under Diwan Lakhpat Rai to Amritsar on the day of the fair and scaring the Sikhs away.

442. How was Bhai Mani Singh martyred ?

His body was cut to pieces limb by limb.

443. Which famous Sikh martyr was one of the 52 'Darbari kavis' (poets) of Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?

Bhai Mani Singh Ji

444. How many immediate family members of Bhai Mani Singh got martyred for Sikh Panth ?

21 (Twenty One) : 11 brothers and 10 sons.

445. As a result of the renewed persecutions, where did the Sikhs retreat to ?

Most of the Sikhs left the plains and sought shelter in the Shivalik hills, Lakhi Jungle and the sandy deserts of Rajputana.

446. In what year did the Sikhs attack Nadir Shah on his way back to Persia and relieved him of much of his booty ?

1739 A.D.

447. What was Nadir Shah's prophecy about Sikhs ?

Nadir Shah told Zakhriya Khan that "The time is not far when these people (Sikhs) would raise their heads and become the rulers of this country."

448. What were the rewards offered by Zakhrya Khan for the capture and destruction of Sikhs ?

Ten Rupees paid to anyone giving information which lead to the arrest of a Sikh.
Fifty Rupees paid to anyone bringing the head of a Sikh.

449. What was Massa Ranghar known to have done during the persecution of the Sikhs in Zakhriya Khan's period ?

Brought in cartloads of heads of Sikhs

450. What did Massa Ranghar do when he was appointed the chief of Amritsar by the Mughal governor ?

He held charge of Golden Temple and banned Sikhs from visiting it. He had turned the holy precincts into a stable and the inmost sanctuary into a nautchhouse where he used to smoke and drink and enjoy dance of public women. He also started abusing Hindus and Sikhs of Amritsar.

451. Who were the two Sikhs who killed Massa Ranghar ?

Bhai Mehtab Singh and Bhai Sukha Singh

452. How did they kill Massa Ranghar ?

In August 1740, they reached Amritsar. Disguising themselves as Mohammedans and filling two bags with well rounded brick-bats, they entered the precincts of the temple under the pretext of paying their land-revenue. While Sukha singh watched the entrance, Mehtab Singh fell on the tyrant like lightening and cut off his head.

453. Where did Mehtab Singh and Sukha Singh take the head of Massa Ranghar ?

Budha Jorh in Deserts of Rajasthan.

454. How was Mehtab Singh martyred ?

Publicly broken on the wheel.

455. What was the name of the road that Bhai Bota Singh and Bhai Gurja Singh blocked and charged tolls to travellers using it?

Grand Trunk Road near Sarai Nurdin

456. What were the tolls charged by Bota Singh and Garja Singh ?

One Anna (6.25 Paise) per cart and one Paisa per donkey-load.

457. What was the fate of Bota Singh and Garja Singh ?

Since no one reported them to the Mughals and paid their tolls without complaining, Bota Singh himself wrote to the Governor of Lahore announcing himself and the tax he was levying on travellers. Zakhriya Khan sent a detachment of 100 horses to arrest him. Bota Singh and Garja Singh refused to surrender and died fighting.

458. When did Bhai Taru Singh achieve martyrdom ?

June, 1745 A.D.

459. Why and how was he martyred ?

He cultivated fields and whatever was produced, he offered to his Sikh brethren in exile. This was considered treason and he was reported by Harbhagat of Jandiala and executed. His hair was scrapped of his scalp.






























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