21. Which of the 'Baanis' of 'Nitnem' are not included in Guru Granth Saheb, but are taken from the 'Dasham Granth' ?

  • Jaap Saheb

  • Sawaye

  • Choupai Saheb (included in Rehras Saheb)

22. What are the four main apostate acts ('Kuraihats') prohibited for a Sikh ?

  • Shaving or cutting of hair

  • Eating Kuttha meat

  • Adultery

  • Use of tobacco or any other intoxicant.

23. Name the 'Five Takhts' of the Sikhs

  • Akal Takht, Amritsar

  • Harmandir Saheb, Patna (also known as Patna Saheb)

  • Kesgarh Saheb, Anandpur

  • Hazur Saheb, Nander

  • Damdama Saheb, Talwandi Sabo (Bhatinda)

24. Which Guru started the formal teaching of the Gurmukhi' script ?

Guru Angad Dev Ji

25. Which Guru formalised the concept of the shared meal into 'Guru-Ka-Langar' ?

Guru Amardas Ji

26. Who was the most long-lived Guru ?

Guru Amardas Ji.

27. Who got the tank excavated (dug out) in Amritsar ?

Guru Ramdas Ji

28. Who built Harmandir Saheb (The Golden Temple) and gave a central place of worship to the Sikhs ?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

29. Who first placed the sheets of copper gilt on Harmandir Saheb ?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh

30. Who first compiled the Guru Granth Saheb (The Adi Granth, then known as Pothi Saheb) ?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

32. When was the first compilation of Guru Granth Saheb installed in Harmandir Saheb ?

1604 A.D.

33. Who was appointed the first Granthi of Guru Granth Saheb ?

Baba Buddha Ji

34. Where is the original copy of Guru Granth Saheb placed ?

At Kartarpur

35. How many pages does the standard printed volume of Shri Guru Granth Saheb ji contain ?

1430 Pages

36. Guru Granth Saheb contains the compositions of how many Gurus ?

Six Gurus : First Five Gurus & the Ninth Guru.

37. When did Guru Granth Saheb get 'Guru Gaddi' (Guruship) ?

October 3, 1708 A.D.

38. Which Guru was seated on a red-hot iron plate and burning hot sand put on his body ?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji

39. Which Guru is entitled 'Shahidaan De Sirtaj' ?

Guru Arjan Dev Ji because he was the Pioneer and Champion of Martyrdom in Sikh History.

40. Which Guru is related to 'MIRI-PIRI' ?

Guru Hargobind Ji

41. Which Guru was beheaded ?

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji

42. Which Guru is entitled 'Hind Di Chadar' ?

Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji is entitled 'Hind Di Chadar' because he died to protect the Hindu faith.

43. What is 'SIMARAN' ?

Contemplation of the Almighty God

44. What is the ceremony of Sikh marriage called ?

Anand Karaj

45. How many 'Lawans' are recited during the Sikh marriage ?































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