421. How was Banda Singh Bahadur executed ?

His eyes were first removed by the point of a butcher's knife. His left foot and then his two hands were severed from the body. His flesh was then torn with red-hot pincers, and finally he was decapitated and hacked to pieces limb by limb.

422. What is meant by 'Chardi Kala' ?

Exalted Spirit

423. Who were the Bandeis ?

A division of Sikhs that apotheosized Banda Singh Bahadur and believed that he had inherited the succession of Guruship from Guru Gobind Singh Ji. They claimed that they should have an equal share in the management of the Gurdwaras and other affairs of the Panth.

424. What was the group of staunch followers of Guru Gobind Singh Ji called ?

'Tat Khalsa' as distinguished from the followers of other denominations who held that the personal Guruship had not been abolished by Guru Gobind Singh, and that their allegiance was still due to their respective preceptors.

425. What were 'Gurmatas' ?

In practice, the Sikh congregation (Sangat) would sit together, with the Holy Granth in their midst, and deliberating over questions of common interest would give their decisions in the form of resolutions, called 'Gurmatas'. All Sikhs were expected to receive them as decisions of the Guru and any attempt made to contravene them was looked upon as an act of sacrilege. Such meetings of the whole people, called the 'Sarbat Khalsa', were to be held twice a year, on the occasion of Diwali (October) and Vaisakhi (April).

426. Whom did Mata Sundri in Delhi send to Amritsar to resolve the dispute between the Bandeis and Tat Khalsa ?

Bhai Mani Singh and Kirpal Singh. Bhai Mani Singh was appointed Granthi (Head Priest) of Harmandir Sahib (Golden Temple), Amritsar in 1721.

427. When was Zakhrya Khan appointed as Governor of Lahore ?

Zakhrya Khan, also known as 'Khan Bahadur', was appointed Governor of Lahore in 1726 A.D. when his father, Abdus Samad Khan was transferred to Multan.

428. How many men did Tara Singh Vaan have with him to face the Mughal army sent by Zakhrya Khan ?

22 men. All got martyred fighting the Mughal army in 1726 A.D.

429. In what year was the title of 'Nawab' and a 'Jagir' presented to the Sikhs by the Mughal authorities ?

1733 A.D.

430. What was the name of the Sikh Government Contractor who was entrusted with the task of negotiation of the Nawabship and Jagir by Zakhrya Khan ?

Subeg Singh. He was allowed to sit among the Khalsa assembly at Akal Takht, Amritsar, only after he had gone through the ceremony of exculpation, called 'tankhah', for having been a co-operator with the government.

431. Who was given the title of Nawab ?

Kapur Singh of Faizullapur

432. On what conditions did Kapur Singh accept Nawabship, when a Jagir was offered to the Sikhs by the Lahore Governor in an attempt to buy peace with the Sikhs ?

Under the conditions that (1) he should be permitted to continue to serve in Guru-ka-langar and (2) to look after the horses and (3) that five Sikhs should touch with sacred feet the Royal Command, both in order to reject it with contempt and also to sanctify it for acceptance

433. What were the two divisions of the Dal Khalsa ?

Buddha Dal (the army of the veterans) and Taruna Dal (the army of the young). The Buddha Dal was entrusted with the task of looking after the holy places, preaching the Gurus word and inducting converts into the Khalsa Panth by holding Baptismal ceremonies. The Taruna Dal was the more active division and its function was to fight in times of emergencies.

434. Who led the Buddha Dal ?

Nawab Kapoor Singh

435. Who was the head of the Taruna Dal, stationed at Amritsar ?

Charat Singh Sukarchakia

436. Who supervised both the Budha Dal and Taruna Dal ?

Nawab Kapur Singh

437. Name the 15 year old boy who was beheaded in 1734 for using disrespectful language for Fatima, the daughter of Prophet Mohammed.

Haqiqat Rai

438. When did Diwan Darbara Singh die ?

July, 1734 A.D.

439. When was the Jagir presented to the Sikhs confiscated ?

1735 A.D.

440. When did Bhai Mani Singh apply to the Governor of Lahore for permission to hold the Diwali festival in the temple of Amritsar ? What was the condition of the permission ?

1738 A.D. Bhai Mani Singh was to pay Rs.5000 after the fair, which was to last 10 days.






























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