400. After assuming royal authority at Lohgarh, what did Banda Singh Bahadur do ?

  • He struck coins in the name of the Guru.

  • He introduced an Official Seal for his state documents and letters patent.

  • He introduced his own Sammat or regnal year from the date of his conquest of Sirhind.

  • He totally abolished the Zamindari (Landlord) System of the Mughals which had reduced the cultivators to the position of slaves.

401. What did Banda Singh Bahadur's Official Seal read ?

Deg o teg o fateh o nusrat bedirang
Yaft az Nanak Guru Gobind Singh

(The Kettle and the Sword, Victory and ready Patronage have been obtained from Guru Nanak - Guru Gobind Singh)

402. What do Degh, Tegh, and Fateh mean ?

  • Degh means Kettle (symbol of charity or of the means to feed the poor)

  • Tegh means Sword (symbol of power to protect the weak and helpless)

  • Fateh means Victory

403. What was the green banner raised by the Mullas of Lahore ?

The Mullas raised a green banner, called the Haidri Flag, and proclaimed a crusade (jehad) against the Sikhs.

404. What was the new war-cry that Banda Singh Bahadur introduced ?

'Fateh Darshan' meaning Victory to the Presence. (It was later rejected by the Khalsa since it came to be used for and to replace the old Sikh Salutation of 'Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh'.)

405. Name the Sikh who sacrificed his life when he disguised himself in the garments of Banda Singh Bahadur and seated himself in his place, so that Banda Singh could escape from the fort of Lohgarh and retreat to the hills of Nahan.

Bhai Gulab Singh (on December 10, 1710)

406. When did Emperor Bahadur Shah die ?

February 18, 1712

407. Who ascended the throne for just 10 months after the death of Bahadur Shah ?

Jahander Shah

408. Who defeated Jahander Shah to take over the throne of Delhi ?

Farrukh Siyar

409. When were the Sikhs forced to evacuate Sadhaura and Lohgarh and take refuge in the Jammu hills ?

October, 1713 A.D.

410. What was Banda Singh Bahadur's second wife's name ?

Sahib Kaur. (He had by her a son, named Ranjit Singh - not the same as Maharaja Ranjit Singh)

411. Who was the Governor of Lahore who made the forces of Banda Singh retreat to Gurdas Nangal in April, 1715 A.D. ?

Abd-us-Samad Khan (father of Zakhriya Khan)

412. What was the Sikh Enclosure at Gurdas Nangal called ?

Fortress (Garhi) of Gurdaspur

413. After eight long months in the Fortress of Gurdaspur, who had a difference in opinion with Banda Singh ? What was the difference in opinion ? What happened as a result of this difference in opinion ?

Binod Singh had a difference in opinion with Banda Singh. Apparently, he proposed evacuating the enclosure and following their old tactics of cutting through the enemy's lines for a place of safety. Banda Singh was not in favor of it. Binod Singh, as per decision reached by his son Kahan Singh, left the enclosure.

414. When was the Fortress of Gurdaspur captured by the Mughals ?

December 7, 1715 A.D.

415. Why were the bodies of Sikhs ripped opened ?

The bodies of Sikhs were ripped opened in search of gold coins supposed to have been swallowed by them.

416. Where were Banda Singh and his companions taken from Gurdas Nangal ?

They were taken to lahore by Abdus Samad Khan and then despatched to Delhi under the charge of his son, Zakhriya Khan.

417. What was the name of the Sikh who broke the chains around his hands and feet when Emperor Farrukh Siyar taunted him and his fellow Sikhs ?

Baaj Singh

418. How many soldiers did Baaj Singh kill after breaking through the chains around his hands and feet ?

He killed seven soldiers

419. When was Banda Singh Bahadur executed ?

June 9, 1716

420. Name the son of Banda Singh Bahadur from his first wife. What was his fate ?

Ajai Singh. The executioner hacked the 4 year old child to pieces joint by joint with a long knife, dragged out his quivering heart and thrust it into the mouth of his father, Banda Singh Bahadur.






























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