356. Who built Hazur Saheb ?

Maharaja Ranjit Singh

357. On the banks of which river is Hazur Saheb situated ?

River Godavari

358. What was the relationship between Akbar, Jehangir, Shah Jahan & Aurangzeb ?

Jehangir was Akbar's son, Shah Jahan's father and Aurangzeb's grandfather.
(Akbar Jehangir Shah Jahan Aurangzeb)

359. Name the cities founded by the 1st Guru, Shri Gurus Naanak Dev ji ?


360. Name the cities founded by the 2nd Guru, Shri Gurus Angad Dev ji ?

Khadur Saheb

361. Name the cities founded by the 3rd Guru, Shri Gurus Amardas ji ?

Goindval Saheb

362. Name the cities founded by the 4th Guru, Shri Gurus Ramdas ji ?


363. Name the cities founded by the 5th Guru, Shri Gurus Arjan dev ji ?

Tarn Taran, Kartarpur (Jullunder), Sri Hargobindpur

364. Name the cities founded by the 6th Guru, Shri Gurus Hargobind Sahib ji ?

Kiratpur, Mehrey

365. Name the cities founded by the 7th Guru, Shri Gurus Har Rai ji ?

Bagat and Chiryaghar of Kiratpur

366. Name the cities founded by the 9th Guru, Shri Gurus Teg Bahadar Sahib ji ?

Anandpur (originally known as Chak Nanaki)

367. Name the cities founded by the 10th Guru, Shri Gurus Gobind Singh ji ?

Paonta Saheb, Guru Ka Lahore

368. Name the six forts of Anandpur.

  • Anandgarh

  • Lohgarh

  • Fatehgarh

  • Holgarh

  • Kesgarh

  • Nirmohgarh

369. Name the five cardinal vices.

  • Kam (Lust, fornication)

  • Krodh (Anger, wrath)

  • Lobh (Greed, hoarding)

  • Moh (Worldly attachment)

  • Ahankar (Conceit, egoism, pride)

370. What are the virtuous counterparts of these five vices ?

  • Self Control of Kam

  • Forgiveness of Krodh

  • Contentment of Lobh

  • Love of God of Moh

  • Humility of Ahankar

371. Name Ten historic Gurdwaras in Pakistan.

  • Bal Leela

  • Chhevin Patshai

  • Dehra Saheb

  • Kyara Saheb

  • Maal Ji Saheb

  • Nankana Saheb

  • Panja Saheb

  • Pati Saheb

  • Sacha Soda

  • Tambu Saheb

372. Name the five 'sarovars' of Amritsar.

  • Amritsar

  • Kolsar

  • Santokhsar

  • Bibeksar

  • Ramsar

373. Where has the starting 'Pauri' of 'Ardas' i.e. from 'Sri Bhagauti Ji Sahay Sab thain hoe sahay' taken from ?

It is the first 'Pauri' of 'Bhagauti Ki Vaar' (or 'Chandi Ki Vaar') taken from the 'Dasham Granth'.

374. Referring to the daily Sikh 'Ardas' where the various Sikh martyrs are remembered, write the type of martyrdom that the following Sikhs underwent :

  • Bhai Mati Das: Sawn into two pieces (Aariyaan naal cheere gaye)

  • Bhai Mani Singh: Body was cut at each joint (Band band kataye)

  • Bhai Taru Singh: His hair was scrapped off his scalp (Khopariaan utarwaiyaan)

  • Bhai Shahbaz Singh: He and his father (Subeg Singh) were crushed on the wheel. (Charakhariyaan te chare).






























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