271. Name the Persian tutor of Guru Gobind Singh Ji who helped him when he was called to identify 'Uch-da-Peer'.

Qazi Pir Muhammad

272. When did Guru Gobind Singh Ji receive the news of the martyrdom of the younger Sahebzadas ?

At Jatpura by a messenger sent by Rai Kalha

273. What was his prophecy there ?

On hearing the news, he pulled a shrub from its roots with his arrow and said: "thus will this tyrannous rule be destroyed, root and branch."

274. Who were the 'Chaali Mukte' i.e. the forty freed ones referred to in the Sikh 'Ardas' ?

They were those forty Sikhs belonging to the village of Majha, who first denied Guru Gobind Singh Ji to be their Guru and later on got martyred for his sake fighting near the lake of Khidrana, also called Isharsar, on 29 December, 1705 after realising their mistake. Guru Gobind Singh Ji blessed them as Chali Mukte, the Forty Immortals. After them Khidrana became Muktsar - the Pool of Liberation.(NOTE : Some writers also refer the forty Sikhs who got killed in the fort of Chamkaur ('Chamkaur Di Gari') while facing an army of one million as the 'Chaali Mukte')

275. Name the leader of the 'Chaali' (40) Mukte who fought for Guru Gobind Singh Ji in Muktsar.

Bhai Maha Singh Ji.

276. Who was Mai Bhago Ji ?

Mai Bhago Ji led the forty Sikhs (Chaali Muktey) back to Guru Gobind Singh Ji. She had also suffered injury in the battle. Guru Gobind Singh Ji took her in his care and there after she stayed on with Guru Gobind Singh Ji as one of his bodyguard, in male attire. After the death of Guru Gobind Singh Ji at Nanded in 1708, she retired further south. She settled down at Jinvara, 11 km from Bidar in Karnataka where, immersed in meditation, she lived to attain a ripe old age. Her hut in Jinvara has now been converted into Gurdwara Tap Asthan Mai Bhago.

277. Who was once boasting about his bravery to Guru Gobind Singh Ji ?

Bhai Dalla

278. What is the significance of Damdama Saheb, Talwandi Sabo (one of the 5 Takhts) ?

  • Guru Gobind Singh Ji reproduced the whole Guru Granth Saheb here from memory.

  • He made it a great seat of learning and called it 'Guru Ki Kashi'.

279. What does 'Damdama' mean ?

Resting place.

280. Whom did Guru Gobind Singh Ji dictate the Guru Granth Saheb to ?

Bhai Mani Singh Ji

281. Guru Granth Saheb contains the compositions of how many Bhagats ? Name them.

Fifteen Bhagats. They are :

  • Beni

  • Farid

  • Bhikhan

  • Dhanna

  • Jaidev

  • Kabir

  • Namdev

  • Ramanand

  • Sain

  • Parmanand

  • Ravidas

  • Surdas

  • Pipa

  • Sadhna

  • Trilochan

282. Which Bhagat has contributed the highest number of hymns in Guru Granth Saheb ?

Bhagat Kabir Ji (541 hymns out of a total of 922 by 15 bhagats). The compositions consist of 227 Padas in 17 Raags and 237 Salokas.

283. In what year was Kabir Das Ji born ?

1398 A.D.

284. What does the word 'Kabir' mean ?

Kabir is an Arabic word meaning 'Great'.

285. What caste did Kabir Ji belong to ?


286. What was the hereditary occupation of Bhagat Kabir ?

Bhagat Kabir was a Weaver.

287. Who was Kabir's Guru (teacher) ?

Swami Ramanand

288. Name the two collections of Kabir Ji's works.

Kabir Granthavali and Bijak

289. When did Kabir pass away ?

1448 A.D. (According to some traditional accounts, including those of the Kabirpanthis, as the followers of Kabir are called, he lived for 120 years, from 1398 to 1518).

290. When was Sheikh Farid born ?

1173 A.D.






























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