251. What is the significance of Kesgarh Saheb (one of the 5 Takhts) ?

Khalsa Panth was created here on Vaisakhi of 1699 A.D. by Guru Gobind Singh Ji.

252. What is the meaning of the word "Khalsa" ?

"Khalsa" is a technical term which in the days of Mughal administration meant inalienable lands or revenues directly looked after or administered by the government of the king. Guru Gobind Singh applied this word specifically to those of the Sikhs whom he had baptized as Singhs/Kaurs. To them he gave the name of Khalsa, 'his own'. (Note that it is not correct to translate the word Khalsa as 'pure'. The word for pure is 'khalis'. The word 'Khalsa' has, however, been derived from 'khalis'.)

253. At the Vaisakhi of 1699, after administering Khande-Ki-Pahul (Baptism) to the Punj Pyare (five beloved ones), what did Guru Gobind do ?

He stood before them with folded hands, and begged them to baptise him in the same way as he had baptised them.

254. What was the significance of Guru Gobind Singh bowing down before the Punj Pyare ?

He was proclaiming the Punj Pyare to collectively be the Guru. The commission of Punj Pyare was to take his place after him and were competent to conduct the ceremony of baptism after him. What Guru Gobind Singh Ji did was to separate the personal and the scriptural aspects of the Guruship. The one he gave to the Khalsa (Miri) and the other to the Holy Granth (Piri). Both acquired the title of Guru, and were to be addressed as Guru Granth and Guru Panth.

255. How many people were baptised after the Vaisakhi of 1699 ?

Approximately, 80,000 people were baptised in a few days after the Vaisakhi of 1699.

256. What happened to those who stood out in opposition to this new mission ?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji ordered that all those who called themselves Sikhs should get themselves confirmed by receiving the new baptism of the sword (Khande-Ki-Pahul). Those who still stood in opposition to his mission - such as Minas, Dhirmalias, and Ramraiyas - were ostracised and their company was forbidden to the true Sikhs.

257. How did Guru Gobind Singh Ji start celebrating the Holi festival ?

Guru Gobind Singh Ji started celebrating the Holi festival in his own way. He called it 'Hola Mahalla'. On the day following the Hindu festival, he held a military parade of all the Sikhs, who came out in their best and went through a sort of mimic battle.

258. What is a 'Khanda' ?

Khanda is a double-edged dagger. The Sikh emblem with the two swords of Miri-Piri, a Chakkar, and a Khanda in the middle, derives it's name from this Khanda.

259. When did the battle of Anandpur take place ?

1701 - 1704 A.D.

260. At the battle of Anandpur, who cut off the head of Raja Kesari Chand ?

Bhai Ude Singh

261. What was the name of the Sikh who drove a spear into the elephant's head at the battle of Anandpur ?

Bhai Bachittar Singh

262. Where did Raja Gummand Chand die ?

Battle of Anandpur Saheb

263. In the battle of Anandpur Saheb, who gave water to all dying soldiers irrespective of whether they were Sikhs or Muslims ?

Bhai Kanhaiya (later became Kanhaiya Singh)

264. When and where did Guru Gobind Singh Ji separate from his mother and two younger sons before going to the fort of Chamkaur ?

December 20, 1704, at Sirsa river

265. Who betrayed Mata Gujri Ji and the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji to the Nawab of Sirhind ?

Gangu Brahmin

266. Where were Mata Gujri Ji and the two younger sons of Guru Gobind Singh Ji kept after being imprisoned ?

Saman Burj (tower), Sirhind

267. Name the Gurdwara that stands at the place where the younger Sahebzadas were bricked alive.

Fatehgarh Saheb (Fort of Victory)

268. From which fort did the Panj Pyare (5 chosen ones) order Guru Gobind Singh Ji to leave for his safety ?

Fort of Chamkaur

269. What was the name of the Jungle that Guru Gobind Singh Ji wandered through bare-foot after leaving the fort of Chamkaur ?


270. Name the two Pathans who helped Guru Gobind Singh Ji march through the Mughal camp.

Nabi Khaan and Gani Khaan.






























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