30. Bhai Mahi Singh Sunam

Family history : Bhai Mahi Singh belonged to the Kamboj (Josan) landlord family of Sunam. He had taken Amrit from Guru Gobind Singh at the time of the Vaisakhi of 1699.
General Madan Khan's raid of Anandpur : Once Guru Gobind Singh was holding his religious court at Anandpur Sahib and the melodious kirtan service was being held. A Sikh scout brought the news that General Madan Khan from Gwalior, had entered Anandpur for a showdown with the Sikhs and the Guru. Learning the news, Guru Gobind Singh announced it in the dewan (assembly) and asked for a brave man who could face and crush the pride of the haughty Madan Khan. On hearing the announcement from the Guru, Bhai Mahi Singh immediately sought his permission and blessings to empower him to defeat Madan Khan.

General Madan Khan vs Bhai Mahi Singh :Having received the permission of Guru Gobind, Bhai Mahi Singh rode on his swift horse and reached Madan Khan's camp and challenged him for a one to one fight. General Madan Khan agreed and chose to strike first to which Bhai Mahi Singh consented. Madan Khan took a full and tremendous swing of his sword at Bhai Mahi Singh which the latter stopped with his shield. Madan Khan struck again and was again stopped by Bhai Mahi Singh; and for a third time with the same result. Having been outwitted, General Madan Khan tried to play foul and therefore struck the fourth time against the rules of fair game but Bhai Mahi Singh, being alert and on his guard, took a full forceful swing of his double-edged sword at Madan Khan due to which the head of Khan got chopped off and fell on the ground rolling like a ball. The blow was so powerful that it also shattered the shield of General Madan Khan. Seeing that their chieftain was dead, the five hundred soldiers of Madan Khan returned without taking further risk to fight with the Sikhs.

Appreciation from Guru Gobind Singh : The news of the victory of Bhai Mahi Singh was broken to the congregation which received great applause from the Guru ji and the entire sangat. Later, when Guru Gobind Singh had left Anandpur and landed in Malwa, he sent for Bhai Mahi Singh to meet him at Damdama Sahib. Bhai Mahi Singh complied with the Guruís instruction and reached Damdama Sahib forthwith. Once again acknowledging the role of Bhai Mahi Singh as a warrior, the tenth Guru offered him a Hukamnama (edict) in recognition of his meritorious services to the Guru Ghar(the House of the Guru) on 15 Srawan Samvat, 1763 (1706 AD). First six lines on the Hukumnama Sahib is written by Guru Gobind Singh Ji and were elaborated further by Bhai Mani Singh Ji. The original copy of the Hukamnama is said to be still in the possession of the descendants (Jasvir Singh Josan) of Bhai Mahi Martyrdom of Bhai Mahi Singh.

Martyrdom of Bhai Mahi Singh : Bhai Mahi Singh later died a martyr to the Sikh cause while fighting valiantly at the Battle of Chappar Chiri under the standard of Banda Bahadur, twenty kilometres from Sirhind on May 12, 1710 AD.





























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