Bhagat Sadhna ji  

Bani Registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji : One shabad in Raag Bilawal On page 858  

Principal Teachings : The unison with Almighty God can be possible only by avoiding pride, status and ego. As long as one does not surrender unconditionally, nothing can happen.

I am nothing, I have nothing, and nothing belongs to me. Now, protect my honor; Sadhana is Your humble servant

Sadhna ji was born in a Muslim family in the year 1180 A. D. at village Sehalwal(Hyderabad, Sind Pakistan). His father was a butcher, so he used to cut and sell meat for livelihood. Sadhna ji was very religiously inclined since childhood but due to his family environment and other conditions he had to adopt the profession of a butcher. A Sadhu(saint) of high level of attainment inspired him to recite the name of God. There are so many stories common about his life. One of these was that Bhagat Sadhna ji used to worship a piece of stone(Salagram) as an idol and he would also use the stone for weighing the meat for his customers. Brahmins of that area got angry when they saw this action of his. They complained to the king that the stone(Thakur) which is a thing to worship is being used by Sadhna ji as a measuring weight for meat. On the other hand, Muslims complained that because Sadhna ji is worshiping an idol (Thakur) being a Muslim, he is a Kafir(non-believer in his Islam religion). In order to calm down both sections of the society, the King called Sadhna ji to his royal court. Sadhna ji very politely tried to satisfy the king, but he couldn’t get justice from him. The king ordered him to be buried alive with a wall of bricks around him. Sadhna ji was thus due to be bricked alive in the new wall being constructed for the fort and which would kill him. The executioners began to fix Sadhna ji in the wall. The true devotee Sadhna ji began to request Almighty God from the bottom of his heart saying,” O God! A carpenter’s son disguised himself as Vishnu ji to marry a king’s daughter. You sheltered him even though his motive was merely selfish sexual gratification. “ “O God! If you say that I have committed too many sins by killing animals (being a butcher) in my life, then tell me what benefit did I get by coming to your shelter. Which merits of yours make you a World Master! ,If my evil deeds are not to be forgiven by you. Your single Graceful sight can wash the sins and bad deeds of infinite births. “ Alright! You tell me God! What is the use of coming to the shelter of a lion (God) if Jackals keep on chasing me ?” “O My Master! A rain bird( papiha) yearns and cries for a drop of rain. If that bird died without water then what is the use of the ocean full of rain water after its death ? “O God, I am about to breathe my last breath, how can I stay calm? Please be quick and help me. If a person drowns in the water, and his body is put into a boat after his death then what is the use of the boat for a dead person ? “O Lord! I am nothing. I have neither any shelter nor any support. Now please protect me. I am your humble servant. As stated on page 858 :

For a king's daughter, a man disguised himself as Vishn He did it for sexual exploitation, and for selfish motives, but the Lord protected his honor What is Your value, O Guru of the world, if You will not erase the karma of my past actions ? Why seek safety from a lion, if one is to be eaten by a jackal ? For the sake of a single rain-drop, the rainbird suffers in pain When its breath of life is gone, even an ocean is of no use to it. Now, my life has grown weary, and I shall not last much longer; how can I be patient ? I drown and die, and then a boat comes along, tell me, how shall I climb aboard ? I am nothing, I have nothing, and nothing belongs to me. Now, protect my honor; Sadhana is Your humble servant  

When Sadhna ji requested to be saved with extreme humility and from the core of his heart, then Almighty God, the omnipresent and omnipotent protected and provided shelter to his true devotee. The wall fell down. Sadhna ji was saved completely. The King forgave Bhagat Sadhna ji after seeing the wonderful miracle of saving a pious and true devotee. Bhagat Sadhna ji thanked Almighty God, broke all the worldly relations and went to the jungle for meditation. Once on the way to a pilgrimage he felt very hungry. He went to a village to beg for food. Bhagat ji was a very handsome chubby young man. When he begged for food from a house, the lady of the house was attracted to him. She wanted to have illegitimate relations with him. She offered food to Sadhna ji with great love and also showed the desire for a relationship with him. The lady didn’t understand the pious state of mind of Bhagat ji. On the contrary she thought that this young man was putting her off due to the reason that her husband was sleeping at home. The lady beheaded her husband under the influence of uncontrolled sexual desire and asked Bhagat ji to gratify her sexual desire without any fear and worry. Bhagat ji was very annoyed and upset to see the evil actions of the lady. He cursed her strongly and decided to leave when this lady started to shout in order to draw attention. She started crying, charging Bhagat ji for seducing, molesting and compelling her for sexual favors. She got him arrested under the pretext that bhagat Ji had killed her husband because he wanted to have a relationship with her. All the people believed the woman and had Bhagat ji arrested and tried in court. The king ordered to amputate the hands of Bhagat Sadhna ji. Bhagat ji bore the punishment and lost his hands. After sometime with the grace of God the hands grew back again. It is stated in Gurbani on page 768 :

The Dear Lord protects His humble devotees; throughout the ages, He has protected them.

Bhagat Sadhna ji saw so many miracles of Almighty God that he surrendered unconditionally to His Will. He preached the truth of religion to the general public throughout his life. He left for heavenly abode at Sirhind(Punjab, India). In Sirhind, his Dehura called Sadhnay di Maseet( a memorial tomb)) is established. No doubt very few people go and bow to his Dehura but due to his position and bani enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji , he will continue being respected as an honorable saint as long as the world exists.

As Bhai Gurdas ji’ vaar 23, pauri 15 states…

Sadhana have also been called saints. Kabir is accepted as bhagat, the devotee, and Ravidas.






























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