12. Gurdwaras Related to Guru Angad dev ji (Khadoor Sahib)

Historical Importance of Khadur Sahib

Khadur Sahib (Distt. Amritsar,Punjab) is symbolically attached with the name of Guru Angad Dev Ji. This place got sanctified by the visit of eight Sikh Masters (Sikh Gurus). This town is quite easy to approach - being only 38 kms from Amritsar, 22 kms from Jandiala Guru, 20 Kms from Tarn Taran, 22 kms from Rayya and 9 kms from Goindwal Sahib. The second Master spent 13 years of his Guruship at Khadoor Sahib, spreading the universal message of Guru Nanak Sahib. Khadur Sahib is the place which was sanctified by visits of eight Sikh Gurus. It is the place where Gurmukhi Lipi was introduced for the first time as medium of language after careful modification by Guru Angad Sahib. It is the place where first Gurmukhi Primer was prepared by the Guru. It is the place where first school was established by Guru Angad Sahib Ji. It is the place where first Gutka of Guru Nanak Sahibís Bani was prepared. It is the place where first Mal Akhara for wrestling was established and it is the place where regular campaign against intoxicants and social evils was started by Guru Angad Sahib.

Places of pilgrimage at Khadur sahib

More Information about Khadur Sahib  

Bhai Jodh Ji, a great follower of Guru Nanak Dev Ji also belonged to this place. The three(Bhai Punjab Singh, Bhai Damodar Singh and Bhai Bhagwan Singh) martyrs of Chamkaur Sahib also belonged to Khadoor Sahib. Even two out of 40 'Muktey' of Muktsar Sahib also had their roots in Khadoor Sahib. Above all two out of five 'Panj Piyaras' sent with Baba Banda Singh Bahadur used to live at Khadoor Sahib(Mahankosh page-638). It has been decided globally to celebrate the 5th Centennial of Sri Guru Angad Dev Ji at this place. To give concrete shape to these plans, various programs have been planned to be held at Khadoor Sahib.