1. Birth

  • Born: 1504

  • Born Place: Matte di Saraan, Muktsar, Disst. Firojpur

  • Mother's Name: Mata Nihaal ji (Sabhraayi)

  • Father's Name: Ferumal ji

  • Marriage year: 1519

  • Wife's Name: Mata Khivi ji

  • How May Childerns: 4 (Two Sons & Two Daughters)

  • Fist Son's Name: Daasu ji

  • Second Son's Name: Daatu ji

  • First Daughter's Name: Bibi Anokhi ji

  • Second Daughter's Name: Bibi Amro ji

  • Ruler: Humaayun, Shershaah Soori & Islaam Shaah Soori

  • Contribution in Gubaani or Bani Hymns: 62 Saloks in 10 Vaars

  • Old Name: Bhaai Lehna ji

  • First Meeting of Guru Naank dev ji: 15532

  • Guruship: 1541 to 1552

  • Departure: 1552

  • Departure Place Name: Shri Khadur Saahib ji (Punjab)

  • Other names: The Second Master

  • Known for Popularizing the Gurmukhi Script

  • Predecessor: Guru Nanak

  • Successor: Guru Amar Das

Guru Angad Dev was born on March 31, 1504 in a village called Harike in Ferozepur district of the Punjab. His father, Bhai Pheru was a trader. His parents called him Lehna. He was married at the age of fifteen. His wife, Khivi was a native of Mattei di Sarai in Ferozepur district. His father grew weary of Harike and with his family returned to his ancestral place, Mattei di Sarai and lived there. Bhai Lehna's wife gave birth to two daughters, Amro and Anokhi, and two sons called Dasu and Datu. When Mattei di Sarai was sacked by the Mughals and Baloches, Bhai Lehna and his father moved to Khadur, now a famous town near Tarn Taran. Bhai Lehna grew very religious under the influence of his mother, Daya Kaur, and became a devotee of Durga, the goddess of Shakti. He used to organize yearly pilgrimage of devout Hindus to Jawalamukhi, a place of Durga temple in the lower Himalayas where fire issued from the mountains. He used to lead Durga dance around the fire in a harness of jingling bells.






























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