Bhagat Sain ji  

Bani registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji :  one shabad  

Principal Teachings :  God does not like exhibition. To please God, inner true love and high degree of devotional meditation is required. According to the order of Guru Nanak Dev ji, no body asks about Ghee (melted butter) and silk that who made the silk and which person, of what caste made the butter. Everybody uses both of these things considering them to be pious, no body says they are defiled. As musk, saffron flower and gold are used for beautifying the body by everyone and loved by everyone, no body asks whether a low caste person has touched it or not. All of these things are respected as noble items. Similarly a true devotee of Almighty God may be of any caste, class or family, they are respected and recognized by all. Sahib Guru Nanak Dev ji has ordered on page 721 as :

Saffron, flowers, musk oil and gold embellish the bodies of all. The Lord's devotees are like sandalwood, which imparts its fragrance to everyone. No one says that ghee or silk are polluted. Such is the Lord's devotee, no matter what his social status is.  

Bhagat Sain ji was born in a low caste just like Baba Kabir ji and Baba Nam Dev ji. Bhagat Sain ji was a naa-ee( barber) whose main job was to serve the master, to convey messages between families, to cut the nails of the members of a family and to clean their ears too. Sain ji was born in the village Sohal Thathian(Amritsar) in the house of Sri Mukand Rai ji and Srimati Jivani ji in the year 1390 A.D. In some books his birth place is recorded as Bandhwa Garh because he was in the royal court of King of Riva. Punjab government has celebrated his 654th birthday with great pomp and show at his village Sohal on 6-12-1997. A beautiful Gurdwara and a Sarovar has been built in his memory. Some records show his birth in 1334 A. D. The good karma of past deeds of Bhagat Sain ji were very noble and were eager to reveal their fruit. He was always interested in God Almighty ever since he was a child. Even during his duty, he continued doing his simran(pray). During that time period , Bhai Ramanand ji was one of the famous advocates of Bhagti movement, so Bhagat Sain ji got his religious instruction from Bhagat Ramanand ji. Due to some reason, he went to his aunt (dad’s sister) Devi at Lahore. He was married to Bibi Sulakhni ji, daughter of Sri jaj kharh. He was blessed with a son whose information is not available. He came to Delhi from Lahore in search of a job. After staying for sometime in Delhi, he went to a town called Riva. He got the job of an attendant in the court of a king. He served the king with honesty and sincerely, thinking of him as his Master. He was never negligent in his duty. During this time, he was at the prime of his youth both physically and spiritually. After his duty was over, he spent almost his entire time in meditation of God. So many people often paid visits to him to get some spiritual blessings. He would serve saints and noble personalities with great love and respect. He would arrange meetings and discussions with spiritually worthy people to get divine boons. Bhai Gurdas ji in his vaars has described a special incident of Bhagat ji’s life indicating how God Almighty protects his true devotees. After reading it one can learn about Bhagat ji’s spiritual level and at the same time it comes to surface how the Creator Himself protects His noble souls. Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji states on page 783 as :

The Lord Himself has stood up to resolve the affairs of the Saints; He has come to complete their tasks.  

And on page 403 :

He Himself preserves His servants; He causes them to chant His Name. Wherever the business and affairs of His servants are, there the Lord hurries to be.  

Bhai Gurdas ji writes that due to Naam Recitation, the reputation of Bhagat Kabir ji spread all over the world. After hearing about his reputation Bhagat Sain ji took religious instructions from Ramanand Ji. Bhagat Sain ji would perform his duty at the king’s palace during the day and at night he recited God Almighty’s name. One day a group of Saints came to his home. He served them with love and respect. He offered them food. The Sadhu’s recited and meditated God’s name with full concentration all night long. Sain Ji could not leave the Sadhu’s and the congregation gathered at his house. He was so engrossed in their service that he forgot to go to his duty at King’s palace. In order to save his devotee, God disguised Himself as Bhagat Sain ji and performed his duty at the palace so nicely that the king was very impressed and happy with his service. The next day Sain ji offered food to the Sadhu and they left. After they left, the thought of absence from his duty came to his mind. He thought the king might punish him because he neglected his duty and was absent yesterday. Sain ji reached the royal court to beg pardon from the king in a state of embarrassment and repentance. The king was sitting on his throne and saw Sain ji coming with folded hands. The King got up, took his robe off and put his royal robe around the neck of Sain ji and said,” Sain! You have captured me completely with your service. This royal robe, I give to you with pleasure.” After getting so much love and respect from the king, Sain ji got emotional and said,” Oh King ! I could not come to your service last night because a group of Sadhus came to my house. I spent one complete night and day with them and forgot to come to my duty. I came here to ask for forgiveness for my absence.” King said,” You just left here after giving me great pleasure and comfort. You served me so well that all my miseries and pains have vanished.” Sain ji replied,” O King ! You are lucky to have been served by God Almighty Himself in my disguise. Sir, God Almighty whose glimpses and touch are desired by Angels and others have served you. Really you are the blessed one.” The King touched Sain ji’s feet, saying,” If it is true Sain ji, then it is all due to your devotional meditation that I got the touch of God and His Glimpses in your form. I consider you my Guru starting from today. “ Thus the Creator Showed clearly the greatness and reputation of his true devotee in the world. Even today the generations of that king accept generations of Sain ji as their Guru. Bhai Gurdas ji states in his vaar 10 pauri 16 as :

Hearing of glory of Kabir, Sain also turned to be a disciple. In the night he would immerse in loving devotion and in the morning he would serve at the door of the king. On one night some sadhus came to him and the whole night was spent in singing the Lord's praises Sain could not leave company of the saints and consequently did not perform the king’s service the following morning. God himself took the form of Sain. He served the king in such a way that the king was overjoyed. Bidding fairwell to the saints, Sain hesitantly arrived at the palace of the king. The king From a distance the king called him nearby. He took off his own robes and offered them to Bhagat Sain. You have overpowered me’, said the king and his words were heard by one and all. God himself manifests the grandeur of the devotee.  

Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji has ordered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji regarding Bhagat Sain ji in Aasa Raag that he who used to help other people recited God Almighty’s name from the core of his heart. He became famous in this world and received high status of a Great Bhagat with the Grace of God. Guru Arjun dev ji states on page 487 as :

Sain, the barber, the village drudge, became famous in each and every house. The Supreme Lord God dwelled in his heart, and he was counted among the devotees.  

There is only one shabad enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji which shows his firm belief and deep concentration in meditation of God. Guru Arjun Dev ji states in Dhanasari Raag on page 695 :

With incense, lamps and ghee, I offer this lamp-lit worship service. I am a sacrifice to the Lord of Lakshmi. Hail to You, Lord, hail to You ! Again and again, hail to You, Lord King, Ruler of all ! Sublime is the lamp, and pure is the wick. You are immaculate and pure, O Brilliant Lord of Wealth ! Raamaanand knows the devotional worship of the Lord. He says that the Lord is all-pervading, the embodiment of supreme joy. The Lord of the world, of wondrous form, has carried me across the terrifying world-ocean. ays Sain, remember the Lord, the embodiment of supreme joy !  

Pleased by his devotion, firmness and strong faith in God, Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji has titled the Bani of Bhagat Sain ji as ”Sri Sain”. Bhagat ji quit doing all the odd jobs of this world and started doing the real job of the true Lord. Almighty God who served in his place, disguised Himself as Bhagat ji , was revealed to the world by Bhagat ji through his tireless sermons which were full of compassion. While directing the poor, strayed people in the true direction, Sain ji inspired them to leave false rituals, irrational and hollow Karam Kaand and to meditate on God Almighty’s name. He left for his heavenly abode after enjoying recitation and meditation for fifty years of life in the year 1440 A.D. and mingled with God Almighty. As stated on page 1106 :

Naam Dayv, Kabeer, Trilochan, Sadhana and Sain crossed over.  Says Ravidas, listen, O Saints, through the Dear Lord, all is accomplished.





























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