Bhagat Bhikhan Ji  

Bani Registered in Sri Guru Granth Sahib : Two shabads, Raag Sorath Pages 659-660 

Principal Teachings : Achievements in the field of Spirituality are received through the grace of Guru. The pleasure attained by the recitation of Naam cannot be explained in words. It gives taste to the tongue, soothing sensation to the ears and peace to the soul. One should not be lazy to receive such a precious naam.

Bhikhan ji was born in the year 1480 A. D. at village Kokri, Distt. Lucknow India. His family believed in Sufi-ism. Since childhood he was very religious. His memory was so strong that he learned the whole Quaran-Sharif(Muslim Holy book) in Arabic by heart at a very early age. He got religious education from Syed Mir Ibrahim and made him his spiritual mentor. In his guidance, he achieved a high degree of spiritual stature. As Sri Guru Nanak Dev ji has stated in Aasa Di vaar that,”Niway so Gaura Hoay(The person who apologizes even when it ‘s not his fault is a great person). So when Bhikan ji started getting knowledge in worldly education, he got to the highest rank of “Haqiqat” in the field of spirituality at the same time. Thus he was called a saint and a scholar of high quality. In spite of his high status and reputation, he addressed himself as “Kari” which means student. His purpose of meditation agreed with that of Gurmat (thought of guru). Sikh Guru’s too have given the name of “Sikh” to their students. “Sikh” means a person who is ready to learn, is learning and will keep on learning throughout his life. Any person who shuts the door of learning can neither progress in worldly or spiritual pursuits. Only God Almighty is complete(perfect) and everybody else is imperfect. Learning is important to become perfect from being imperfect. So a Sikh is a learner. He had freed himself from the boundaries of Sharah and Shariat. He loved everyone. He thought the whole universe as a form of God so he respected it and loved it. He had immense faith in the existence of God. He had full control over his mind and senses. He always kept himself in tune with Allah Tallah( God). Two shabads of Bhagat Bhikhan ji are enshrined in Sri Guru Granth Sahibji. These shabads show that he had merged with Almighty God throughhismeditation and recitation. This state of bliss that he enjoyed cannot be described in words. It can only be experienced. How can this stage be achieved ? The answer is by reciting the name of God. Who gets naam ? The answer is the person who unites with Guru. Who unites with Guru? The answer is that person who has great luck. So the person who is lucky gets the blessings of naam with the grace of Guru. Naam, which is more expensive than diamonds and gems, can not be concealed. Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji states on page 1096 :

The hidden jewel has been found; it has appeared on my forehead.  

Baba Bhikhan ji has stated in his Bani,” The merits of Almighty God cannot be described in words, and the pleasure of meeting Him can not be stated, just like when we offer sweets to a mute who cannot describe the taste of sweetness. O brother! a tongue get the nectar of naam it recites. The ears get pleasure when they hear naam. The heart gets a deep sense of peace when naam resides in it. The eyes are also saved from the bad scenes with the grace of naam. Bhagat Bhikan ji further says,” Now where ever I see, I visualize Almighty God present in every particle of matter. He is omnipresent. His mental condition is further stated on page 659 :

Such is the Naam, the Name of the Lord, the invaluable jewel, the most sublime wealth, which I have found through good deeds. By various efforts, I have enshrined it within my heart; this jewel cannot be hidden by hiding it. The Glorious Praises of the Lord cannot be spoken by speaking. They are like the sweet candies given to a mute. The tongue speaks, the ears listen, and the mind contemplates the Lord; they find peace and comfort. Says Bheekhan, my eyes are content; wherever I look, there I see the Lord.  

In other words, he cautions a human being and warns him, hinting towards reality of life that, “O! Man. Why don’t you recite such a valuable naam which gives you pleasure and peace in every way ? Why don’t you ? When will you do it? Will you recite naam when your eyes become so weak that water starts coming out of them? When your body becomes helpless and out of control ? When your hair turn grey and throat chokes with mucus, would you then recite naam? When all these conditions start affecting the body then you will not be able to recite naam. It will be too late. “O God ! We pray in your holy feet to save your devotees from these pains in life. In old age, a person starts getting pain in the heart and liver, because the functions of the body slow down. Without you, O Lord, no body can save us from these miseries of old age. In the entire world there is no medicine which can stop or avoid old age. O God! Your holy naam is a penance for all the diseases. By holding on to naam, I shall pass through the doors of salvation. Bhagat ji states in Gurbani on page 659 :

Tears well up in my eyes, my body has become weak, and my hair has become milky-white. My throat is tight, and I cannot utter even one word; what can I do now? I am a mere mortal. O Lord, my King, Gardener of the world-garden, be my Physician, and save me, Your Saint. My head aches, my body is burning, and my heart is filled with anguish Such is the disease that has struck me; there is no medicine to cure it. The Name of the Lord, the ambrosial, immaculate water, is the best medicine in the world. By Guru's Grace, says servant Bheekhan, I have found the Door of Salvation. ||3||1||  

So, throughout his life, he preached and practiced naam and helped others to recite it. He left for his heavenly abode in the year 1573 but he did leave an authentic impression on our minds through his Bani in Sri Guru Granth Sahib ji, His words would continue guiding and enlightening us for ever.





























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