56. Message of the 15 Bhagats or saints (Part-10)

Bhagat Dhanna ji Continue..... 

After having seen Almighty God, Dhannaís Jiís belief about God was deepened. Now it had become an unshakable faith, stronger than the previous state of mind. He dedicated his entire life in reciting the name of God. While doing his daily job of agriculture, Dhanna Jiís mind was always attuned to the creator. Whenever a worldly need arose, Bhagat Ji expressed it to his Thakur (God) as a child tells everything he needs to his mother. Such became the relationship between the Bhagat and the Bhagat-Protector. We merely read, ďTum Maat Pita Hum Barik TereĒ (you are our father, you are our mother, and we are your children) but Dhanna Ji actually believed this and proved it by his firm belief in God. As Satguru Arjun Dev Ji has ordered :

You are my Father, and you are my Mother. You are my Relative, and you are my Brother  

Not only did he accept Almighty God as a Father and Mother, but when he needed something, he put forward a long list of demands before the creator without any sort of hesitation, but moreover, Almighty God fulfilled them. Just see how Bhagat Dhanna Ji has stated in his own words the long list of worldly demands in a affectionate voice:

O Lord of the world, this is Your lamp-lit worship service. You are the Arranger of the affairs of those humble beings who perform Your devotional worship service. Lentils, flour and ghee - these things, I beg of You. My mind shall ever be pleased. Shoes, fine clothes, and grain of seven kinds - I beg of You. A milk cow, and a water buffalo, I beg of You, and a fine Turkestani horse. A good wife to care for my home Your humble servant Dhanna begs for these things, Lord.  

He had a firm and constant belief in God. To inculcate this firm belief in us, he gives us three examples to make us understand. As mentioned on page 1070 :

Don't worry - let the Creator take care of it. The Lord gives to all creatures in the water and on the land. My God bestows His blessings without being asked, even to worms in soil and stones.  

He has addressed the human mind in Raag Aasa as,Ē O mind! Why donít you remember your kind and compassionate lord? There is no body except Him. You may run and roam to any part of the universe, but only that will happen which pleases our lord. Whatever God wishes, will happen. Donít worry uselessly. Look ! God has created a beautiful human body with ten doors in the womb of a mother from the sperm and blood of the parents. He has protected this fetus and nourished it even in the motherís womb. Just look at another example. A female tortoise lives in water and its offspring remains on the seashore. A female tortoise has neither wings with which it can fly to bring food for its young oneís, nor it has teats with which it can nourish its young ones. But see the beauty of God, how he nourishes them. Even the worms and the insects inside the stone where there is no hole, no way to reach anything; get nourishment from Almighty God. So O man! You must not be scared by the thought of no availability of food. Have firm faith in God. Such was the deep faith of Dhanna ji in Almighty God. He mentions that on page 488 :

O my consciousness, why don't you remain conscious of the Merciful Lord ? How can you recognize any other ? You may run around the whole universe, but that alone happens which the Creator Lord does. In the water of the mother's womb, He fashioned the body with ten gates. He gives it sustenance, and preserves it in fire - such is my Lord and Master. The mother turtle is in the water, and her babies are out of the water. She has no wings to protect them, and no milk to feed them. The Perfect Lord, the embodiment of supreme bliss, the Fascinating Lord takes care of them. See this, and understand it in your mind The worm lies hidden under the stone - there is no way for him to escape. Says Dhanna, the Perfect Lord takes care of him. Fear not, O  

Bhagat Dhanna ji has described his spiritual state in Raag Aasa. He also emphasizes that mind, wealth and body are destructible. He says,Ē The body decays. The mind wanders away and is not stable. Wealth also does not accumulate after one point. It also scatters. So a person involves himself in the web of greed, lust, anger, pride and other forms of mammon(maya). A human being thinks these things are sweet and enjoyable and that is why he is caught in this vicious cycle of repeated births and death. With the grace of the Guru, the person who has come to know the reality of this materialistic world with deep meditation, enjoys the bliss of spiritual heights. He gains eternal pleasure and contentment. Such Gurmukhs(one who loves God) are emancipated from the cycle of life and death. ď In his last lines, Bhagat Dhanna ji states,Ē I Dhanna, have gained the wealth of Godís name due to the company of saints. So O curious learners! You should follow this path to save yourself from this cycle of life and birth.Ē He states this on page 487 :

I wandered through countless incarnations, but mind, body and wealth never remain stable. Attached to, and stained by the poisons of sexual desire and greed, the mind has forgotten the jewel of the Lord. The poisonous fruit seems sweet to the demented mind, which does not know the difference between good and evil. Turning away from virtue, his love for other things increases, and he weaves again the web of birth and death. He does not know the way to the Lord, who dwells within his heart; burning in the trap, he is caught by the noose of death. Gathering the poisonous fruits, he fills his mind with them, and he forgets God, the Supreme Being, from his mind. The Guru has given the wealth of spiritual wisdom; practicing meditation, the mind becomes one with Him. Embracing loving devotional worship for the Lord, I have come to know peace; satisfied and satiated, I have been liberated. One who is filled with the Divine Light, recognizes the undeceivable Lord God. Dhanna has obtained the Lord, the Sustainer of the World, as his wealth; meeting the humble Saints, he merges in the Lord.  

So after achieving his real wealth of Godís name, Bhagat Dhanna ji roamed throughout India to distribute this wealth of naam. He came to Punjab too with this motive. He has a beautiful temple at village Pur Heeran(Distt. Hoshiarpur) India. The priest of this temple even believes that this village is the birth place of Dhanna ji. Bhagat Dhanna ji was a simple innocent, clear hearted and lovable disciple of God. He preached Godís meditation to this world. After enjoying 60 years of his age , he left for heavenly abode in the year 1475. Satguru Arjun Dev ji has ordered such words regarding these great Bhagats and saints on page 532 :

How fruitful is the birth of the Lord's humble servant; the Creator is his Father. O Nanak, one who recognizes the Perfect Lord God, takes all with him, and saves everyone.





























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