44. Message of the six guruís (Part-9)

Guru Arjan Dev ji Continue..... 

Guru ji in his short span of life did an immense favor to humanity by compiling the Adi Granth. He pulled people out of doubtful living and fake rituals, and showed them the true way of life. As Guru Ram Das ji commands on page 314 :

Falsehood does not mix with the Truth; O people, check it out and see.

And on page 646 :

Those who are permeated by falsehood, do not love the Truth. If someone speaks the Truth, falsehood is burnt away.  

To say the truth, to hear the truth and to practice the truth is extremely hard, especially for politicians because for them the real danger is from a true person and not from the enemy or the enemies troops. The person who is in power finds it difficult to listen to the truth and tolerate it. So these politicians or powerful people always try to suppress the truth. The increasing publicity of truth on a daily basis was not liked by Jahangir(Muslim King). He felt that this awareness about truth could become a danger for his throne. He built up a set of alleged offences and ordered Guru ji tried under Yasa punishments. Chandu and Murtaza Khan tortured Guru ji in many different ways and finally martyred him. The Great Guru before courting arrest at Amritsar had handed over Guruship to Sri Guru Hargobind Singh Ji through Baba Buddha ji and directed clearly,Ē Son ! this body is to depart, there is no doubt about it. Evil forces are ready to swallow humanity. The house of Guru Nanak Dev ji is here to protect freedom, love and self-respect. If the oppressors donít understand the language of peace, then the language of the sword ( language of sword) should be used to put them on the right path. Guru Sri Hargobind Singh ji strictly obeying the order wore two swords of Miri ( Spiritual) and Piri (temporal authority). Thus the tradition of Shastardhari(keeping arms) was instituted to banish oppression. Bhai Gurdas ji writes about this in his vaar 1 pauri 48 : 

(From Guru Nanak to Guru Arjun Dev) Five pirs who drank from the five cups (of truth, contentment, compassion, dharama, discerning wisdom), and now the sixth great pir is holding the Guruship. Arjun (Dev) transformed himself into Harigobind and sat majestically.

Bhai Balwand Ji has stated that the light of Guru Arjun Dev ji is the personification of Guru Nanak Dev ji. The enlightenment of Knowledge about Guru Nanak Dev Jiís teachings had been spread by Bhai Balwand ji from morning till evening in all four directions. As mentioned in ramkali ki vaar on page 968 :

Guru Arjun sits on the throne; the royal canopy waves over the True Guru. From east to west, He illuminates the four directions

Bhatt Mathra ji compared Guru Arjun Dev Ji Ďs personality with a Ship. As mentioned on page 1408 :

In this Dark Age of Kali Yuga, Guru Arjun is the Ship; attached to him, the entire universe is safely carried across.  

And on page 1408 :

O Mathuraa, consider this essential truth: to save the world, the Lord incarnated Himself. Whoever meditates on Guru Arjun Dayv, shall not have to pass through the painful womb of reincarnation ever again.

While in the transparent vision of Bhatts, Guru Arjun Dev ji is like a ship for the human beings to cross the horrible ocean of life in this age of darkness. At the same time by reciting the name of Guru Arjun Dev ji , a person can get liberation from the cycle of birth and death because there is not even a little bit difference between Guru Arjun Dev ji and God. Bhatt Mathura ji states on page 1409 :

He is totally pervading the earth, the sky and the nine regions of the planet. He is the Embodiment of the Light of God. So speaks Mat'huraa: there is no difference between God and Guru; Guru Arjun is the Personification of the Lord Himself  


Main Teachings of Sri Guru Arjun Dev ji :

Everybody wants pleasure in this world. The Great Guru has clearly indicated that this pleasure can be attained only through naam recitation. Naam Simran not only relieves physical pains and illnesses but bestows family peace, mental well-being and bliss too. Even in the beginning of Sukhmani Sahib, on page 262 the great Guru Says :

Meditate, meditate, meditate in remembrance of Him, and find peace. Worry and anguish shall be dispelled from your body.  

And : 

Sukhmani : Peace of Mind, the Nectar of the Name of God. The minds of the devotees abide in a joyful peace. ||Pause||  

Naam recitation helps in this world and the next world. As on page 264 :

Where there is no mother, father, children, friends or siblings O my mind, there, only the Naam, the Name of the Lord, shall be with you as your help and support.  

In order to gain success in naam meditation a person should follow the path as mentioned on page 286 :

Time after time, again and again, meditate on God.  

While there is also a message to recite Godís name, as on page 517 :

That Lord and Master is my Anchor and Support; O Nanak, hold firm in your mind. Remembering Him in meditation, happiness comes, and all sorrows and pains simply vanish.  

One should have faith in Almighty God because relying on mortals is in vain and Great God is the giver to all. As on page 281 :

Reliance on mortals is in vain - know this well.  

The real cause of all illnesses is forgetting the Transcendent Lord. As mentioned on page 135 :

Forgetting the Transcendent Lord, all sorts of illnesses are contracted. Those who turn their backs on the Lord shall be separated from Him and consigned to reincarnation, over and over again.  

Wealthy is the man who recites His(Almighty) naam with every breath. As on page 250 :  

Those who gather Truth, and the riches of the Lord's Name, are rich and very fortunate.  

There is no difference between a man and an animal if a man does not recite naam and does not know the real object of life. As on page 251 :

Those who have come into the world without understanding are like animals and beasts.

A human beingís life journey in this world is successful only if he or she recites Godís naam. As mentioned on page 252 :

How fruitful is the coming into the world, of those whose tongues celebrate the Praises of the Name of the Lord, Har, Har.

Who is beautiful and handsome ? Only those who sit in the congregation and meditate on Naam. As on page 132 :

They alone are beautiful and attractive, who abide in the Saadh Sangat, the Company of the Holy.

This human body has been given to you to meet the Lord of the Universe. As stated on page 12 :

This human body has been given to you. This is your chance to meet the Lord of the Universe

So leaving every sort of wisdom, tactics and tricks, the only job worth doing is the admiration of the Creator. As on page 43 :

O my mind, praise the Creator. Give up all your clever tricks, and fall at the Feet of the Guru.  

In this world neither the strong man nor is the wealthy great. Then who is great? They alone are great, who are lovingly attached to the Lord. As on page 188 :

Who is great by the greatness of Maya They alone are great, who are lovingly attached to the Lord.    

Always have pity and mercy on the poor and the needy. One who shows his anger on the poor and the helpless is punished in return by attracting the anger of God. As on page 199 :

The bearded emperor who struck down the poor, has been burnt in the fire by the Supreme Lord God.





























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