50. Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan

Meantime Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan, Rohilla Pathans, who were the masters of the garden, and from whom the Guru had purchased horses several times, arrived at the spot. Seeing him in such a plight they were moved to tears and then and there vowed that they would do all in their power to serve him and would die with him, if need be. Gulaba Masand, too on hearing of the Guru's presence in the garden came to pay his respects and brought food for the Guru and his attendants. A short while after the Guru was removed to a room in the upper storey of the Masand's house. No sooner this was done the Imperial army surrounded the village. Before, however, they could institute any search for him the Guru dressed himself in blue and in this guise succeeded in making his escape through the kind offices of Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan.  At two days' distance from Machhiwara when the danger of pursuit by the Imperial soldiery was over Ghani Khan and Nabi Khan were sent back to their homes rewarded with Hukumnamas ordering all disciples to recognize their faithful service. When he arrived at the village of Alamgir, by slow marches, a brother of the famous Bhai Mani Singh offered a beautiful horse which the Guru accepted. Resuming the journey on horse back he met Rai Kalla, a Muslim Chieftain. This man was a Rajput convert. The Guru's story drew tears from his eyes and so strong was his emotion that he would not permit him to proceed further unless he honoured his abode and tasted his food. The invitation was accepted.