47. Escape from Chamkaur

Prince Jujhar Singh departed with the last rays of the departing Sun. The horizon was darkened and just as the great Orb of Heaven while sinking appears to grow bigger and bigger, the illustrious Sikh Leader, notwithstanding that he had lost his equally illustrious sons and many of his brave champions, seemed to be inspired with greater vigour than he ever possessed.

The night spread its curtains ; but his arrows still pierced many a breast. The bullets from the ramparts still rained death on the men below. The enemy, however, did not seem to mind this fusillade. Elated with joy at the turn the events of the day had taken and conation in the belief that, in the morning following, they would either kill the Guru or take him a prisoner to Delhi they stopped fighting and ordering a small detachment to keep guard they retired to their tents to take the night's repose.





























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